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Want To Reduce Your Electricity Bills This Winter? Here’s How!


While it’s fair to say that many of us enjoy the break the winter allows us to have from the heat of the summer months, we will agree that no one is particularly happy about the effect it has on your central heating and electricity bills.

The winter is, very often, colder than we’d like it to be, which means whatever forms of heaters you have in your house are often running continuously and quite possibly at higher heats than normal

However, if you are concerned about the rising energy costs, then this blog may help you. As there are various ways you can lower your electricity bill even during the cold wintery period.

Invest in an Upgraded Thermostat

If you don’t already have one in your home, you should consider upgrading your ThermostatLab.com to a programmable model. This will help you to save money by giving you the option to schedule when your heating turns on and off.

If you want to go one step further, however, you should consider purchasing a smart thermostat that will give you even greater control over how you can save energy and money. These modern and popular devices can be controlled by your smartphone or even tablet from just about anywhere.

Make Sure Nothing is Blocking The Air Vents

Air vents that are blocked need to work harder than those that are clear. Therefore, to avoid your heating and air condition system having to work harder than necessary, regularly check the air vents are clean and free from debris and any obstructions.

Check The Filters

It’s also important to check the filters for your HVAC system, because if the filters are damaged or dirty and blocked, they will not be able to work effectively. You need to also make sure you are using the correct filters for the specific system you have installed in your home.

Turn the Heating Down

One of the more obvious ways of reducing your heating bills, that many people don’t do, is reducing the heating just slightly. You don’t even need to put it down that much lower to start seeing the benefit. 

For instance, if you set the temperature around 7 to 10-degrees lower you could potentially save around 10% every year on your cooling and heating bills. Try setting your heating to 68-degrees when you are asleep.

It’s a good idea to experiment and see how low you can tolerate; you may be surprised by what you discover.

Be Smart With the Types of Heaters You Use

You may want to use additional heaters during wintertime. The impact this has on your heating bills depends not just on how often you use those heaters or how hot you have their individual thermostats set to, but the kind of heaters you use.

There are different types of electric heaters out there, some better than others, so make the best decision for you, your budget and your household needs.

Don’t Heat Rooms that Don’t Need It or Those Without Insulation

The worst thing you can do is heat rooms that no-one uses or where there is no insulation. With the first, this comes down to being smart and having a system that allows you to not only control the heat of all the radiators and heaters in your system, but the actual individual settings. 

Whereas the rooms where there is no insulation usually don’t need the heat particularly, as they are normally areas like crawlspaces and garages.

Assess Your Property’s Insulation

When was the last time the insulation in your property was inspected? If it was a long time ago, consider investing in an assessment and having more installed if necessary. If you have a warehouse where you are spending your time, try looking for warehouse insulation that helps to prevent all the warm air generated from escaping.

Insulation helps to prevent all the warm air generated from escaping.

While You’re At It, Arrange for a Complete Central Heating Tune-up.

Hire a professional tradesman to come out and look at your entire HVAC system. They will be able to assess just how effective and efficient it is and recommend upgrades, replacements and repairs if necessary.

Make Sure All Windows and Doors Are Sealed Properly

One of the easiest ways for hot air to escape and cold air to enter your home is through cracks and gaps around your windows and doors. This is usually caused by the sealing being in poor condition. Check the sealing and repair it, even calling a professional if necessary.

Make Sure All Electronics and Electrical Appliances are Turned Off and Unplugged

There was a time when the advice was to use standby modes. However, having your electronics and electrical items switched off or on standby mode can still cost an unnecessary $100 or so a year. To see a marked difference in your energy bills, make sure you unplug anything not currently being used.