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Warriors Of The Greatest Light, Cut Toxic People Out Of Your Life


Warriors of the greatest light, I greet you all,

I know how hard is to battle with all the toxic people who drain your energy, stab you in the back, set traps, and push you into a deep black hole… An empty hole with neither beginning nor end.

You get lost. You blindly follow the last ray of light at the end of the tunnel. These people play with your heart. These people damage your spirit. They leave bleeding scars on your shattered soul.

You think they deserve a second chance. You think everything will be better if you decide to fall into their arms. Again.

They never change, though.

You… You patiently wait for a helping hand to rescue you…not realizing that you have to be your own hero. You must be.

Warriors of the greatest light,

I shall fall on my knees in front of you all. With all my admiration and respect. 

Because you want to make changes. Because you battle with honor and dignity to remove all the toxic people from your life. Because you believe in miracles.

Because I know you can walk away and never turn back. Because you can show them the power of silence. And stay there.


Survivors of a hard battle, I greet you all from the bottom of my heart,

Show them the power of silence! Go No Contact and Stay There. Stay there with your whole mind, spirit, and heart. Turn your back to everything that is breaking you. Don’t think twice about it. Don’t.

Take your life back! Defeat them with your silence!

Cut them out of your life!

You are capable of it. Yes, you are.

Only in this way, you will start enjoying the beauty of life. Only in this way, you shall find peace.

Only in this way, you will open your eyes to see what you really deserve.

To see how strong, beautiful, and brave you are. <3

Image:Alexander Shark