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Watching A Parent Die Is One Of The Most Painful Experiences In Life

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Losing a loved one is never easy. Not only do you suffer emotionally, but you also feel like every part of your body aches. You feel so much emotional and physical pain that you feel like you are not yourself. You feel like your life is crumbling around you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Losing a parent is one of the hardest and most painful experiences in life. There are no words that can comfort you and alleviate your pain.

As time passes, you just learn to live with the pain.

Watching your parent die is tough and excruciating.

Because it’s unbearable to watch someone you love from the bottom of your heart suffer. It’s unbearable to watch someone who means the world to you transform into a shadow of the person they used to be because their disease is more powerful than them.

Watching your parent die is tiring too.

Because in the midst of going to work, running a household, and raising kids, you care for your dying parent. You check up on them. You take them to their doctor’s appointments.

You spend hours searching for medicines that could help improve their health on the internet. You worry about whether their condition will further deteriorate. You wish their condition magically went away.

Watching your parent die makes you realize that you are selfish.

You secretly hope that they’ll hold on since you’ve made travel plans and you’re scared that they might die while you’re out of the country.

Or you feel angry since your parent’s condition will steal your hero away from you and you can’t stand the idea of your kids not getting to have their grandmother or grandfather around when they grow up. Having such thoughts leave you feeling selfish and inconsiderate.

Watching your parent die makes you realize that you’ll be the dying parent someday too.

Watching your parent die makes you become more aware of the inevitability of death. You realize that one day, your children might go through the pain you were experiencing watching your parent suffer.

Watching your parent die makes you want to remember every detail about them.

You try to engrave the lines of their palms and their disposition on your memory. You try to memorize their scent, the sound of their laugh, the warmth of their touch. You try to engrave everything about them on your memory before you say goodbye to them and let go of them forever.