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We Are Not Choosing The Wrong People – We’re Dating In The Wrong Era


I’m sick and tired of people telling me how exhausted and disappointed they are of desperately trying to find someone good for them.

Let me make myself clear. I am not annoyed by the people, I’m disgusted by the world we’re living in.

Everywhere I turn, there are hurt and hopeless people, eager to find love. And yet, this love we’re desperately looking for is nowhere to be found.

The society we live in cares only about pleasure and profit. Most of us are already transformed into heartless human beings.

The world out there is cold and brutal. It has sharp teeth, it is starving, and it is stupid, and it eats and eat mindlessly.  It doesn’t care that some people are just innocent.

Too many heartbreaks, too many disappointments, too many wrong choices, too much sorrow.

So, it got me thinking…

Maybe we don’t choose the wrong people, after all… maybe this is the best we can get right now because maybe we’re the ones who are stuck in the wrong era.

I haven’t really thought like this before, but it makes total sense to me right now.

It’s not only the modern dating that is bothering me, it’s the values. Or the lack thereof.

I was born to believe in the good in people. I was raised to be fair and kind to everyone around me. To never take what’s not mine, but to actually work hard to deserve it.

I grew up with the old-school values that taught people what real love is. The values that showed us how important trust and loyalty is.

The same values that helped us learn how to identify our own feelings and never be afraid to express them.

The same values that taught us to treat others the way we want to be treated. To respect everyone. To treat people equally. To be generous and compassionate. To help everyone.

So, excuse me if I don’t fit into your world of manipulation and lies, but I don’t belong there. And never will.

What happened to good old, classic dating? What happened to being honest and kind? Where has romance disappeared?

Chivalry is long gone and forgotten. People don’t bother to impress their partner, nor do they bother to call back. Let’s not forget about smartphones. They have made it a lot easier for people to behave like jerks.

Everything just seems so superficial and fake that even love (the only thing I truly believe in) has finally lost its value.

People don’t meet by chance anymore. They don’t care about making deep and open conversations. They are not interested in keeping the relationship flame alive. They don’t want to fight to make things work.

They simply don’t give a damn about anyone else but themselves.

Well, I’ve had it!

I’ll be damned, but I’ll never settle for something average.

I will wait, I will fight if I have to, but I will never give up on true love.

So, this goes, to all of you out there who is sharing the same struggle. Fight back, be strong my loves, and most importantly stay exactly who you are. This world needs more of you.