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We Don’t Know Where Life Will Take Us, But We Love Each Other And We Are Willing To Try Anyway


We both know where we’ve been, we both know what we’ve been through. Yet, here we are next to each other, trying our best to make things work.

We are in this moment together; we have no promise that tomorrow will come for both of us. We have no idea whether life will give us a chance at love again. We cannot be 100% sure about the outcome of our actions. But the only thing that gives us hope is this spark, this strange, yet amazing feeling between us. All we know is that there is still a fire among us. And that as it seems, is enough to make us try once again.

We sit across each other and we remember everything we’ve been through. We remember the first dates, the first kisses, the promises we made to each other, those times when we held hands on the beach, the things that we did for each other and the things that we didn’t get the chance to do.

We remember the first night when we laid next to each other and kissed. The intensity of our attraction electrified our bodies and made us feel like we’ve never felt before. We remember how close we felt even though we weren’t that much intimate. We remember how safe it felt to fall asleep next to each other. We remember how holding hands was the most amazing moment in our lives.

We remember the moments when we looked at each other and knew that we had the possibility to make it but then walked away from everything. We remember the moments when we were both afraid that a feeling would change us. We remember the moments when we both agreed that we don’t want to get so caught up with each other’s lives.

We remember the moments when we took our love for granted and pushed it aside. We remember the moments when we walked away from everything, hoping that life would give us much more to experience. We remember the moments when we were convinced that we knew better. Those moments when we decided that we want to find ourselves and explore life. And finally, those moments when we found other hands to hold and other mouths to kiss.

And even though, we’ve made mistakes together, something between us makes us want to go through all of it again. It is stronger than our minds. Stronger than what’s right.

The truth is, we are dying to fall in love with one another. We are eager to be with one another, even if the sky falls down tomorrow. We are aware that it might be just another mistake, but none of that matters in this moment. Because desire is bigger than us. It is bigger than anything. And you know how it is… Desire only fuels the fire.

In all honesty, we admit to ourselves that there might not be a light at the end of our tunnel. Still, we are willing to try finding it anyway. We know that the chances of us failing terribly are big, but the spark between us makes this whole journey worth believing in.

So, in this very moment, we say I love you as a motivation to stay brave. We don’t know where life will take us, but we love each other, and we are willing to try anyway. This may look like a stupid decision and it may go against all our better judgment, but we are ready to do it. There is no place we’d rather be than in each other’s embrace. There are no lips that we would rather kiss than each others.

We hold our hands tight; we look into each other’s eyes and secretly hope that our promise to one another will last forever. For hope is the last one to die.

We Don\'t Know Where Life Will Take Us, But We Love Each Other And We Are Willing To Try Anyway