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Weightlifting Can Reduce Depression, Study Finds


I guess you already know that weightlifting is highly beneficial to your physical health as it decreases injury risk, adds muscle tone, and improves bone health. But did you know that weightlifting can do wonders for your mental health as well?

In meta-analysis of 33 randomized clinical trials including 1,877 participants, considerable reduction in symptoms of depression was associated with resistance exercise training.

The authors of the study, led by Brett R. Gordon, a doctoral student at the University of Limerick, note that depression is a prevalent global issue which affects more than 300 million people all over the world. It’s the most expensive mental health condition in Europe too.

Current treatments for depression, the authors continue, include psychotherapy and medication, and for some people suffering from depression, medication can be costly.

When it comes to exercise training, this is a promising treatment for depression and it costs less than psychotherapy and medications.

What Gordon and his team found was that “resistance exercise training significantly reduced depressive symptoms among adults regardless of health status, total prescribed volume of RET, or significant improvements in strength.”

The team also pointed out that “the larger percentage reduction found from RCTs of participants with elevated depressive symptoms, coupled with the significant difference based on initial severity of depressive symptoms, suggests that RET may be particularly helpful for reducing depressive symptoms in people with greater depressive symptoms.”

So, if you happen to think that weightlifting is the sport of choice only for those who want to “bulk up,” know that going to the gym to lift weights a couple of times every week is something everyone should do as weightlifting can reduce symptoms of depression and do wonders for your mental health.