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What are astrological readings?


Many people struggle with questions about life. These can be very diverse. From financial worries to questions about love and from life in the afterlife to life on earth. Astrology can provide answers to many of these questions. But, what exactly is such an astrological reading?

The Stars

As the name suggests, astrology is concerned with the outer space. The position of the stars, planets, and the moon in combination with zodiac signs can say a lot about your life. There are mediums who specialize in reading the future based on this astrological data. They use the zodiac sign that matches your date of birth and then they perform an astrological reading of the stars to predict future events. (1)

Types of astrological readings

There are different types of astrological readings. For example, you have the birth chart analysis. In this type of reading, the exact position of the planets at the time of your birth is important. This information offers insights about your personality. You can find out what your strong and weak qualities are and what your real passion and motivation is about in life.

In addition, you have the astrological compatibility reading. This reading can tell a huge amount of information about how well you match up with your partner, or offer insights into the areas where you clash. Again, your birth dates and horoscopes are important. Try a free astrology compatibility report to see how you match up with your (future) partner.

There are even more astrological readings that professional mediums can help you with, for example you can do an astro counseling, in which you can get insights in specific problems and get advice based on your horoscope. Please note, however, that a good psychic will never direct you to certain decisions. This person is only the translator and messenger of the information from astrology.

Finally, the synastry report. Within such a reading you will gain insight how your stars align, and find out the chemistry, between you and another person. Through the answers from these readings, you could transform certain unexplained tensions into energetic tension that you need in a relationship. Also, try a free synastry report and find out how well your birth chart matches up with someone else’s.

Why a reading?

There are several reasons why you might want to have a reading done. It could be that you would like some answers because you simply want to know more about your own personality. For example, to find out where certain feelings or emotions come from. But also, relationship issues or life questions can provide good motivation for a consultation. As you may notice, there are many reasons to have a consultation.