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What Are CoolSculpting Results


What Results Can I Realistically Expect?

The results you can realistically expect depend on multiple factors, including the size of the parts being treated, the volume of excess fat in the targeted spots, and how much excess fat you wish to have removed. For example, if you are wanting to eliminate fat from smaller spots, such as your chin, neck, underarms, or knees, you can expect to lose around 80% of the localized fat cells.

If you are targeting a larger area of your body and you have a moderate amount of excess fat, you can expect to lose about a quarter of the localized fat cells. If you have a very large volume of fat, you can expect to lose approximately 20% of localized fat cells. (1)

How Quickly Will I See the Results of CoolSculpting Treatment?

You can expect to feel the initial results immediately after treatment. You might notice that the treated area feels smaller as soon as the procedure is done because the fat cells take up less volume once the walls are destroyed. However, at this point, the fat cells have not been flushed out of your body yet.

It will take between one and three months until you begin to see pleasing results, and it can take up to six months to see your best results. If this sounds like a long time to wait for the fat removal results this treatment was created to provide, there are a couple of factors we’d like you to remember. First, it takes easily six months to see the results of liposuction due to extensive swelling. Second, you can promote faster results.

What Can I Do to See the Results of My Procedure Faster?

The first thing you need to do to facilitate faster results is to massage the treated area for five minutes at a time five times daily. You should begin doing this right after your treatment and proceed through the fourth day following your procedure.

This breaks up the blocks of frozen fat cells to make them more easily taken up by your lymphatic system as well as boosts circulation to the local area. Improving circulation is essential because a strong circulatory system boosts the efficiency of your lymphatic system.

Will My Results Be Permanent?

The results of CoolSculpting Treatment are permanent. This procedure removes fat cells in the targeted treatment area. One of the reasons this body contouring procedure is so excellent is that, unlike losing weight by yourself, it actually removes the fat cells. This is amazing because adults can not grow new fat cells.

Once fat cells are destroyed and eliminated from the area, there will never be as many fat cells in the treated area. Having said that, we find it necessary to remember that this treatment does not eliminate every fat cell from a treated area. Therefore, if you consume calories in excess of your maintenance needs, fat cells will expand as they fill with stored energy.

If you gain weight after treatment, there is a chance that the remaining fat cells in the treated area will expand. Just keep that in mind when you make decisions about whether to skip your exercise for dinner with friends. (2)

Will This Treatment Help Me Lose Weight?

Yes. When the fat cells are cleared out of your body via your lymphatic system, weight loss will occur. While this treatment gives similar results to liposuction, and liposuction normally results in a 10- to 11-pound weight loss, this treatment might only result in a five- to six-pound weight loss. The cause of this difference is the distinction in the fat removal technique.

Like liposuction, this treatment results in the removal of fat cells from your body. However, they are not sucked out of your body as is the case with liposuction. Rather, this non-invasive procedure lets your lymphatic system eliminate the destroyed fat cells from your body. Liposuction causes such a considerable weight loss since it also removes blood during the suction procedure.