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What Are The Advantages Of Personalized Healthcare Systems


Healthcare providers are often run in a very similar way and this approach is ultimately designed to meet the high demands healthcare services face. Seeing as many patients as possible is important but this can mean that the needs of the individuals are not being met as they should. Personalized healthcare systems have been created with the patient as its main focus and this has a number of benefits to patients and even healthcare services. 

This article will provide you with the advantages of personalized healthcare systems so that you have a better understanding of this subject. 

It Involves The Patient 

Whenever you go to the doctor, you may feel that they do not pay attention to what you are saying. Considering that they are potentially the ones with the medical training and experience, what you say is not really taken into consideration or even seriously. Unfortunately, this is an issue that many patients face as doctors treat everyone the same without considering the individual differences or symptoms that patients may be indicating. With personalized healthcare systems in place, this changes as the whole process involves the patient. From the moment you enter the doctor’s office, they will talk about your condition and your needs, rather than seeing the health issue first. 

The Patient Needs Are Considered Carefully

As discussed above, the way medicine is delivered to individuals as a service is highly generalized. Doctors will look at a set of symptoms and treat them without any further consideration for individual differences that may also have an impact. This means that they treat conditions rather than treating patients as everyone will receive the same general treatment. A personalized approach to healthcare takes the needs of the patients into consideration and this will actually be their main concern. This is a massive benefit to patients as they will feel heard and that what they are telling the professional is a contributing factor to their decision when it comes to diagnosis and treatments. 

You Can Obtain The Insurance You Need

This may be a bit of a hidden benefit that not many people think about but when healthcare is personalized to the individual it means that you are more able to have an insurance plan that is tailored to your needs. Concierge doctor Erin Reese MD suggests that these types of healthcare providers have simple payment plans that you can use to pay for your medical expenses. This will also allow you to have a more appropriate and personalized insurance plan in place covering exactly what you need. 

Treatments and Medicines Are Tailored To The Patient

A difficult thing that comes from standard medical ways of working is that the treatments offered to patients are generalized, meaning that everyone gets the same treatment. This option often means that not everyone will benefit from it and a few patients may have to see a doctor multiple times until they find something that is effective for them. However, everyone is unique and their individual differences should be taken into consideration. An important advantage of personalized healthcare systems is that they are designed with the patient in mind. You will not have to worry about the doctors prescribing the usual course of treatment until they have fully had a discussion with you and decided on what is best based on your needs. 

Reduced Costs for Patients

One may think that having personalized healthcare systems will be difficult to meet the demand of the service and this is why there is a need for hospitals and other healthcare providers to deliver the service in the same way. However, not spending time with the patient and not carefully considering what their needs are may result in a lack of efficiency and effectiveness of treatment, meaning that the patient will have to keep coming back and having a range of treatments. Not only patients will have to pay for these, but they will also be constantly using medical resources until they find an effective treatment. 

The Patient is the Main Focus

Considering you will be the main focus of healthcare providers with a personalized approach, you will not feel rushed whenever you are with the doctor. This type of healthcare focuses on the needs and wellbeing of the patient rather than on meeting the demands of the service, and it is designed in a way to demonstrate this. You will be less likely to wait weeks or months for an appointment, wait less time in reception at the doctor’s office well as be able to spend more time with your doctor discussing what your issues are as well as giving them a full picture of your health’s background. 

Less Stressed Healthcare

Healthcare providers are incredibly stressed and under a lot of pressure, due to the high demand of patients. As mentioned previously, this demand can be a result of a lack of consideration for the patient’s individual differences and unique needs. If a patient is given a generalized treatment, the chances of this being effective are fairly reduced, meaning that the individual will have to keep coming back for more consultations and further treatment. Personalized healthcare systems prevent this from happening by dealing with the patient in a unique manner and treating the health issue more effectively.

Happier Patients and Healthcare Staff

The benefits of personalized healthcare systems are not just for the patients – the professionals should also benefit from this approach. The majority of professionals that get into this line of work do so to help people. However, the high demand and pressures do not allow for this to happen and can actually deteriorate the relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients as individuals feel rushed and not heart, and staff feel that they are unable to meet the needs of the service. A personalized healthcare approach helps improve this as staff can spend more time with the patients and have the time to focus on their individual treatments, meaning everyone is happy. 

Having a personalized healthcare system in place has many benefits for the patient and it can also benefit healthcare providers. Above are some examples of advantages of personalized healthcare systems but there are many more for patients as well as professionals.