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What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water?


We are all well aware that you can do all the hardcore workouts you can handle, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and take your vitamins daily, but without water, your health kick will never be complete.

This seemingly innocuous substance is actually imbued with magical powers which can detoxify, reverse aging, and give you superpowers. Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but there is no denying that drinking plenty of water is good for your body, mind, and general health. Whether you favor not-so-fancy tap water or invest in an Air Water Life ionizer, here are the top health benefits that water could offer your body.

Boost Your Brain Power

If you are feeling sluggish and unable to concentrate it can be tempting to reach for a strong coffee to perk you up and reset your synapses. In truth, however, coffee can have a dehydrating effect, and you may see better results by drinking water.

Being hydrated by just 2 percent can have a detrimental impact on your performance, and this can include memory and recall, cognitive, and motor skills and mood. The brain is made up of 73 percent water and taking the time to replenish this will help you to stay alert, focus, and concentrate more easily. You will also notice a boost in your energy levels

Lose Weight

Water plays a crucial part in weight loss by helping you to feel full more easily, acting as a natural appetite suppressant with the bonus of increasing and speeding up your metabolism helping you to lose weight faster. Try drinking a glass of water before a meal. It will help you to determine how hungry you really are and aid with portion control.

Remove Toxins

As well as adding benefits to your body, water can also help you to eliminate and remove and potential toxins which may have the potential to build up. This can also reduce your risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

Improve Your Complexion

As well as helping you on the inside, water can also help to improve how you look and feel on the outside. Skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and water is essential for it to function effectively. A lack of hydration will result in dry, tight and flaky skin, and this is uncomfortable, as well as being more prone to developing wrinkles. Getting enough water helps keep the skin soft and supple.

Aid Digestion

Water can also have enormous benefits for your digestive system, helping to keep it healthy and working correctly. Issues with your digestive system can manifest in many more severe health conditions, including constipation.

Help Your Immune System

A healthy and strong immune system is crucial to maintaining good overall health, particularly during the colder months when colds and flu are prevalent. Water helps to carry oxygen to your cells, helping your systems to function properly and more effectively. As we have mentioned, water also helps to flush and remove toxins from your body, resulting in a stronger immune system which can get rid of bugs more easily.