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What Are The Benefits Of Using The Guided Meditation App?


In this fast pace life, the moments of relaxing are very less. There’s hardly anytime that you take out for yourself. But because of this lifestyle, people are getting stresses and the cases of severe depression and tension are increasing rapidly. What is the way out to cope with this? Remember people saying meditate to release the stress? Then why not try that! It is the tried and trusted therapy of getting out of this depressing lifestyle. This is the way that you must select to have the free meditation app.

But when there is a demand for something, the market increases its corresponding prices, right? The demand law! And, no doubt the medication is not behind in this. So, if you will go out and ask for the medication therapist or trainer you gotta lose your pocket a bit for that. Hence, many people do not even think to do so! 

But hey! Every problem has a solution!! This too has. There are many guided meditation app that is coming for free and that too online. With this app, you can learn and train yourself to medicate with all perfection. So, your time that would be invested in finding a medication trainer, then going and returning from the daily classes will be saved. Even they have been proven to be far effective and helpful. The reports collected from the research done at the University of California had made it clearer. It clearly said that these guided meditation app is showing results after just 100 minutes of practicing.

Here are some more remarkable or you can say the unexpected benefits reported to use these apps so far!

Pros of using an app for the meditation

  • Stress relief

You might not feel the difference at first but there are so strong statements reported by the researches done in the Carnegie Mellon University. You gradually started feeling relief. Obviously, meditation is the long—term process because it works from the roots of the nerves. 

And, a very strong proof to it is the proclamations given by the research. They were saying that the regular use of guided meditation app can help in getting the stress liberation. This study was conducted on the 144 adults who were suffering from stress for a pretty long time. They were asked to use the Smartphone application to train themselves with mediation in the complete monitor of researchers. They found that the blood pressure and cloistral levels are controlled (meaning no stress-free state of the body).

  • Social relations

There was another CMU study conducted in recent times. This has proven that meditation apps can help improve the social skills of a person. Basically, it was reported that these apps motivate people to get out of their shell and gain some self-confidence and as a result, they induce themselves in making some good social relationships. This decreases the loneliness of any person’s life and the chances of getting into depression diminish. 

Numerically speaking, the participants have shown reduced loneliness in their life by 22% and incrementing socializing with at least 2 people a day. This was the result of only a two-week study and it was made possible because of the special training providers in the guided meditation app i.e. not considered in the regular training.

  • Sharp memory

This 21st world has become so fast and wide. That in every moment you have some of the other things to do, learn, to hear, and so on. With so much of haste, the focusing strength of an individual is decreasing day by day. And, hence it is hard to retain everything and remember correctly. Here the Smartphone meditation app comes into action. 

And, for this also an interesting study was conducted at the University of California. They picked two apps, one the logic game app and the other one the meditation app. then they divide the participants into two groups, one game group, and one meditation group. They were asked to use their respective apps 20 minutes a day consistently for six weeks. And, the results were amazing. No one expected that the mediation group will score higher in the memory tests. Moreover, there were changes in the brains of those participants. And, reportedly they were gaining the sharp memory attributes. 

These were some tried and well-proven benefits revealed so far. But there are many more studies that are being continued to find out some more about the meditation apps. Till then, why not you try and find out some more merits? 

But which mediation app is best?

Every innovation is successful because of its popularity and this guided meditation app is gaining remarkable popularity every day. But because of this, the market has filled with a huge crowd of mediation apps. And, you might get confused that which one is the best! So, here are a few points that you should keep in mind while picking an app to learn how to meditate!

  • At the start- Well to start you always prefer the app which goes easy and available for free. Also, see if they are giving effortless time sessions like for7 to 15 minutes. As in the start, you cannot start with 20 minutes itself. So, start steadily and gradually.
  • Keeps You Motivated– The biggest problem in meditation is the loss of motivation. The day you start you feel very energetic to it then slowly lose the will power to do it. And, mostly in a week, you are ready to give up. Hence, from the start itself make sure you have picked that app which will keep you motivated to continue to meditate in any condition. Yeah! Apps do that!! Just find it.
  • Progress track reports– you should go for the application which is allowing you to track your success rates and this can also inspire you to do more. 
  • The Voice insight– There are so of apps for meditation that may vary, but the apps that many people pick is the one which supports the voice of the individual meditations. Also, you can test whether their voice system works well or not before signing in to them. 

So, check and pick the right meditation app for yourself!!

Final thoughts-

We hope you have enough information that you needed to download a guided meditation app. So, what is there to wait for? Download and start meditating!!