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What are the Different Ways to Consume Marijuana?


Are you a beginner in the weed scene and want to learn more about the different methods of consumption? Are you curious as to what different marijuana consumptions are out there and which would be best suited to you?

People are always looking for new ways to get high. They want the convenience, the novelty of something different, or just because they’re bored with their current routine. But what are all these different methods?

Smoking is still one of the most popular methods, such as using a bong which can be found at online stores like DankStop, but there’s also vaping, edibles, and topicals to name a few. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks that you’ll have to consider before experimenting. Continue reading to find out more about the different methods of consumption.

Capsule and Tinctures       

Up first on our list of popular consumption methods when it comes to marijuana, are capsules and tinctures. Capsules and tinctures are quite different from each other, but they are similar in that they are both mainly used for medicinal purposes.

First, let’s talk about tinctures. This is the method of consumption that has the fastest-acting effects which can be felt almost instantly. These are concentrated drops that can be placed under the tongue and go directly into the bloodstream to be circulated around the body.

Capsules are also used for medicinal purposes; however, they are not as fast-acting as tinctures are. They actually take quite a while to kick in. capsules are great for those who take marijuana regularly for medical reasons such as managing anxiety or helping with insomnia.


Next up on our list, we have vaporizers. Vaporizers are commonly used with some or other kind of liquid or concentrate. However new technology has brought about the dry herb vaporizer which allows for users to vape weed itself rather than an expensive concentrate.

Vaporizers are great for those who enjoy smoking but want to move away from it or find a healthier alternative. Smoking can be incredibly harmful to the lungs, and vaping is a great way to avoid any of these dangers and risks.

There are also different kinds of vaporizers to choose from whether you want something more sturdy or something that you can take on the go with you.


Moving on down the list we have yet another popular newer addition to the world of cannabis consumption. These are topicals. Topicals are only used for medicinal reasons such as relieving pain, reducing inflammation, or even helping with various kinds of skincare.

These days you can find so many different kinds of topical cannabis products from skincare to pain relief gel to even anti-inflammatory creams and so much more. One of the biggest benefits of using topical marijuana products is that they are great for those who don’t actually want to feel any kind of high but rather just get all of the medicinal benefits of the product.

These are applied directly to the skin and absorbed through the skin, which leaves you with absolutely no high or psychoactive effects.


Last but not least, we have edibles. Edibles have been around for quite a while now and are only becoming more and more popular as time goes by. When people thought about edibles they would immediately think about cookies or brownies.

However, this is not the case anymore. These days edibles are far more than just some half-done attempt at baking in your mom’s kitchen. Nowadays you can find some of the most incredible edible products.

These products can range from standard baked goods to slightly more adventurous candies, beverages, and even infused foods, oils, and butter.

Edibles are one of the most amazing cannabis products especially for those who are looking for something more. When consuming edibles, the effects will take much longer to kick in, however, they will be far more potent than any other kind of consumption method and they will also last quite a while longer.

Just make sure that you don’t eat too much before the effects kick in because this could lead to disaster.