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What Are the Safest Ways to Get a Guy Committed to You Without Pressure


Commitment seems to be a big and scary word most guys shy away from. No matter how long you have seen each other or how exciting and fun your dates seem to be, when you push the guy even a little bit, he’d want to bolt straight out of the door.

While you may be completely smitten with this amazing guy in front of you, he may not want to make any commitments already. It can make you feel that you are a backup. No one wants to play mind games or go through elaborate schemes to make someone commit, so you keep asking the same question, “how to make him commit without pressure?” 

Several magazine columns, websites, and more will ask you to put your foot down and not budge from your stance, but reality can be quite different. To make someone commit to you is not as easy as it sounds. So, how do you present the idea of commitment without spooking the other person?

How Can You Make Him Commit Without Pressure

As your dates grow few and far between, you will have the urge to do whatever it takes to ensure that your partner is committed to you. Keeping the spark from fizzling out is challenging, but it is crucial to keep reminding yourself and your partner why you got together in the first place. Knowing how to make him commit without pressure ensures that he is as invested in the relationship as you are.

Enjoy Your Friends’ Company

Most may say that they enjoy their friends’ company and that meeting a new guy doesn’t mean they forget their friends. However, when you meet someone who doesn’t want to commit, it can be easy to whine and complain to your friends about it.

While your friends will want to help you to the best of their abilities, this means that you are thinking about your partner even when you’re not with them. Taking time to hang out with your friends without the pressure of thinking about getting your partner to commit to you is essential. Spending time apart ensures that you both can continue to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. 

Stop the Chase

Put that phone down and live in the moment. When you keep chasing your partner, it can not only make them feel overwhelmed, but it can also make them take you for granted. Hence, strike a delicate balance between showing your parents that you are interested in him and acting aloof about his commitment problems.

When he sees that you aren’t actively pushing him towards a committed relationship, he will end up thinking about committing himself! It’s one of the oldest tricks in the world, but it’s still around because of how effective it can be.

Don’t Let Him Control You

For many people, the commitment talk is an ongoing discontent in their relationship. You may be urging him to commit to you and show his sincerity, but he tries to distract you as much as possible. The easiest way to do so? Buying flowers, chocolates, and expensive gifts, to soothe your anger and show that he ‘cares.’

While he may want to make up with you, showering you with gifts may mean that he wants you to forget about his hesitancy to commit. So the next time he gifts you a luxurious item, be appreciative, but don’t forget to remind him that he can’t control you with these gifts.

Look for a Relationship

Finally, and perhaps the most challenging way to ensure that you get a guy to commit without pressuring is to look for those who love the idea of commitment. Everyone has a different journey, and they move at their own pace. Even when you meet the perfect guy, he may be at a different point in his life where he is unable to commit to anyone else.

Of course, it has nothing to do with you, nor is it his fault; being in different places in your life can be frustrating, but it is a reality. The easiest way to make sure that you get the commitment you want is to find people ready for a relationship and won’t string you along.

Everyone wants a happily ever after but finding the right person seems like an impossible challenge. When you think that you have found your Mr. Right, don’t hesitate to take charge of the situation. Knowing what you want is the only way to get the guy of your dreams.