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What Are Typical Work Days Like for High-End Escorts?


Ever wonder what days are like for high-end escorts? Take a trip through a typical escort work day in this hour-by-hour guide.

Most people don’t realize this, but there’s a difference between escorts and prostitutes. High-end escorts seem like they’ve hit the jackpot, but there’s a lot more to the trade than most people realize.

As you probably know, prostitutes have sex in exchange for money. However, high-class escorts provide very different services than prostitutes do. 

As such, a high-class escort’s workday goes much differently than the average worker. This is your chance to get your peak into an elusive world.

Escorting 101

What is an escort? Well, the working definition of an escort is someone who provides companionship in exchange for money.

“Companionship” isn’t necessarily a euphemism for sexual activity. The clients of high-class escorts pay to spend time with them. The escort provides companionship in exchange for the client’s money.

Escorting Services

Escorts either work independently or through an agency.

What is an escort service? The definition varies based on what escort service meaning you’re reading.

Generally, escort services are the same thing as escort agencies: They connect clients with escorts. When the client pays, the agency collects a percentage of the money.

In places where prostitution is legal, escort services can advertise when certain escorts are open to being sexual with clients.

However, unless prostitution is legal in a given area, never assume local escorts will provide “full service.”

Now that we’ve got the definitions out of the way, let’s explore what an upscale escort’s workday is like.

Making Arrangements with High-End Escorts

Booking clients goes differently depending on whether an escort is independent or not.

Escorts like the ones on this page don’t have to worry about arranging appointments. They work for an established agency. The agency takes care of booking appointments and screening clients on each escort’s behalf.

Independent escorts have to manage their own booking process. That means answering a lot of emails and calls, including ones from timewasters. Timewasters are people who contact escorts without the intention of booking.

(Spoiler: Usually, timewasters are men who attempt to get free dirty talk from escorts).

Once an indie escort snags a promising customer, they move on to the next step.

Client Safety Protocol

A client must provide a high-class escort with his name, phone number, picture, and home address. The escort has to verify this information.

Escorts also have to make sure the client isn’t a predator. That’s where search engines come in handy.

Once a client is verified, they book the escort for a specific amount of time. 

The Clients

Most clients range between the ages of 25 to 70. They’re usually men with high-paying jobs.

The younger men’s jobs are often so high-powered, they don’t have time to date. That’s why they’re seeing an escort. The older men are often married, well-off in their careers, and looking for excitement.

Beauty Routine

Most people with escort jobs invest in a beauty routine. The look is what gets clients on the hook! However, high-end escorts take “self-care” to the next level.

High-class escorts have regular manicures and pedicures. Many clients have a foot fetish. That’s why upscale escorts have plenty of sexy, fancy shoes to wear.

Sure, there are escorts who use a few products to keep their skin looking young and healthy. But high-class escorts can go to spas and afford upscale treatments like waxes and microblading.

Right before seeing the client, an escort will put makeup on. Upscale escorts, however, have to make sure their makeup is pristine. After all, high-end prices mean high-end services!

Once the escort is prettied up, she’s ready to go.

The Date

Escorts often agree to meet their clients somewhere in public for dates. High-class escorts usually have a driver take them to and from the meeting for safety purposes.

The agreed-upon date could be anything. The two could go anywhere from an upscale restaurant or country club to a vacation on a private island. It all depends on how much the client paid to spend with the escort.

At an upscale restaurant, a single client gets to “be seen” with the escort. This boosts the client’s self-confidence. The escort will entertain the client over dinner with conversation, flirtation, jokes, and more.

Married clients prefer more privacy.

Clients can also pay for an entire day or week’s worth of services. These bookings require the escort to be “on the job” for an extended amount of time. The escort has to remain charming and attractive for the entire time.

Yes, it takes a lot of effort to keep up appearances for a week. Fortunately, escorts make big money off of extended bookings.

The End?

If a client spends a night on the town with an escort, their time will come to an end. This is where the escorting situation gets tricky.

For most upscale escorts, the night ends when the date ends. Then the escort and the client part ways.

Other escorts might hit it off with a client so well, they wind up in bed together. But technically, this isn’t the same as exchanging money for sex.

Look at it this way:

The client paid for companionship. The escort provided companionship, then decided to have sex with him. But sex wasn’t part of the companionship he paid for.

Some regions have specific laws to prevent client-escort relationships from becoming sexual. So in a lot of places, an escort and a client can’t have any sexual contact, even if they get along.

Treat Your Escort Right

Always groom yourself for escorts. High-end escorts will drop you on the spot if you’re not clean.

If you’re going to be more than 10 minutes late, call the escort to let her know. (By the way, this is good etiquette for dealing with all kinds of people, not just escorts).

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