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What Everyone Should Know About Ingrown Toenails


Toenails are a very essential part of the body. They are actually one of the body parts that are used in the beauty evaluation. It is very important that we all get to maintain healthy toes and be comfortable in what we are in. However, having ingrown toenails is quite uncomfortable.

It is quite painful as well. A combination of pain and feeling uncomfortable is not what you would you would like for your toe. Many people will act on this from a point of ignorance but it is only fair that I shed some light on this. There is how you should handle an ingrown toenail and there is how you should not even think of doing. This is what you need to know about ingrown toenails.

  1. It may be natural

It is not necessarily that you get an ingrown toenail from injury. Many times it may occur because your toes are quite small as compared to the nail and as the nail tries to just fit in it will just drill its way through. Now, this is a more stressful kind of ingrowth as it will just grow on its own.

  1. How do you cut your toenails?

Despite how small or insignificant some things may seem it is only good that we do them with some precision. Toenails should actually be cut in a straight line unlike in a curved position. Some ingrown nails will be self-inflicted but this is nothing to worry about as it can easily be corrected. At Perth foot center they know how to do it best. Most of the times, because it is self-inflicted, it will be prone to infection. Perth foot center performs surgery on the toe and they are the best way to go when taking care of the feet as they handle painful heels and also deal with deformities, you can learn more about their treatment here – perthfootcentre.com.au

  1. Small shoes trigger

Despite the fact that it is your favorite shoe, once it gets small it is only fair to let it go and get another pair. If you hold on to some small shoes, it is only fair to say that you are doing yourself more harm than good. You can easily trigger nail ingrowth and in the event of an undetected big nail-small toe condition, it will accelerate the digging of the nail into the skin.

  1. It is infectious of not treated.

I had a friend with a toenail that dug its way through and after much search, we found Perth foot center where we got to learn more on this. Ingrown foot nails will normally create a wound and given that the foot is not the cleanest part of the body, it is only fair to say that it is left exposed and easily prone to infection. This is why you should take quick action on this before it gets worse. Get to take care of it yourself first by cleaning it up and not poking the wound.