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What Is a Weight-Loss Retreat? 5 Places to Take a Weight-Loss Vacation


Sometimes, a change of scenery is exactly what you need in order to start new habits and commit to lasting change. This can be particularly important in the area of weight loss, where consistency and routine are key to sustained results.

It’s easier for some people to focus on starting a new diet or regimen when they’re not in their home surrounded by the same old temptations. That’s why weight loss retreats or vacations have become increasingly popular for jumpstarting fitness journeys. Whether you’re trying to lower your blood pressure or fulfill more general weight loss goals, here are a few places where increasing your physical activity will be easy and fun.

Head to California for specialized help.

One of the best ways of loosing weight is by using UltraComfy waist trainer which is the best waist trainer for women. This way, you can speak with doctors and nutritionists about what kinds of physical activity are best suited to your goals. Also, learning how to manage certain risk factors can go a long way in helping you create sustainable habits.

If you live on the east coast or in the midwest, heading to sunny California could be the perfect move for your new weight loss goals. Just Google “weight loss clinic Monterey Bay” while you’re researching other attractions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, 17 Mile Drive, and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and you’ll have plenty to enjoy in between your weight loss meetings. JumpstartMD is one of the best options for weight loss in Monterey county, located at 24571 Silver Cloud Court, Suite 202, Monterey, CA 93940. To set up your appointment while you’re making other trip accommodations, just call 831-641-9410.

Sweat it out in the Arizona desert.

If you aren’t as big a fan of the beach or feel like you don’t need specialized help, heading to Arizona for a weight loss retreat could also be a good plan. Arizona’s weather is hot and dry thanks to its desert climate, making it easy to work up a sweat when hiking, walking, or jogging. Plus, with a wide range of trails through places like Saguaro National Park, you’ll be able to take in some exciting natural beauty while burning calories.

Have a weight-loss staycation.

While healthier weight management can begin abroad, focusing on a fitness staycation can be just as helpful for forming good habits. This begins with getting into a daily routine that includes an appropriate supplement with essential nutrients. According to health website Well and Good, “Incorporating a cellular-health supplement dovetails nicely with a regular healthy routine.” But what exactly is a cellular supplement? Calerie cellular supplements are one of many options that actually work to improve your metabolic rate even if you’re consuming the same calorie intake you normally do. This can be particularly important if you’re interested in losing weight since the more calories you burn the more your body weight will decrease. Plus, with other benefits like reducing oxidative stress, you’ll get more from a NAD supplement than you will from a general supplement.

Lose some pounds in Lake Michigan.

Everybody knows that swimming is a great source of cardiovascular exercise, but have you ever thought of pairing your love of swimming with your weight loss goals? If you can’t get enough of the water or need a more low-impact form of exercise as you’re starting out, swimming is a great option. Beaches can be choppy with waves, however, so heading to a large body of water like a lake is a great choice for your weight-loss retreat. Lake Michigan is known for its lakeside cabins and calmer waters, making it one of the best options to kickstart your new swimming gameplan.

Increase your steps in New York City.

A trip to New York City can be great if you’re interested in trying a lot of different approaches to fitness before settling on what you’re interested in pursuing at home. From yoga classes to CrossFit studios, NYC has something for everyone. Plus, when it comes to vacations, you’ll be walking a lot around the city, burning calories just from increasing the number of steps you take each day!