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What is the Best Dietary Supplement for Men?


Before leaping into buying a dietary supplement specifically developed for use by men, you should ask yourself what is it that you are looking for in a supplement in the first place? Some of the things you should consider are price, clinically proven results, how long it takes to work, and how it complements your current diet and exercise program.

Free Testosterone Levels

Free testosterone is the male hormone responsible for such masculine characteristics as muscle mass, bone growth, and sex drive. Free-T circulates through the bloodstream or links up with other substances where it becomes bound T. When the target tissues like muscle and bone are reached, they perform a function such as growth.

The more free-T that is floating around in your system, the more is available to get bound and promote growth and sex drive. If you are after a supplement that boosts free testosterone levels, you should choose one that appears to work fast and has proven results, such as Nugenix.


Many men don’t take into account when and how often they need to take their desired supplement. The right amount must be taken every day according to the instructions. The usual dosage is two to three capsules a day on an empty stomach. This enables the capsules to digest correctly and not get camouflaged by large amounts of fiber. If a pill is alone in the stomach, the ingredients are quickly and effectively absorbed.

If it’s impossible for you as a result of your schedule to take your supplement on an empty stomach, swallowing them at least half an hour after your meal gives you time to digest both the meal and the capsule properly. If you hit the gym on a daily basis, taking your supplement half an hour before will get you the best results.

How Long Before You See Results?

When you search for testimonials about the supplement that you want to buy, they should include some statistics on how soon you’ll see results and what the long-term benefits are. If the reports say that results can be experienced around the 30-day mark, then you can expect a pay-off in that period.

The real value of any supplement is whether it provides medium and long-term strength and growth. If you have chosen your supplement for the benefit of having a more vigorous sex drive, if the reports have results within a specific time frame, this is when you will start to see the results as well.

It helps to keep a journal before and during the time you take your supplement. You will be able to track your development better such as muscle growth, energy levels, strength, and vigor. Once you have written proof of the changes your body has experienced for the better, then you will be motivated to keep up with your supplemental regimen and training plan for many productive years.