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What is the Evil Eye and How to remove its Effects?


Despite the diversity of the metaphysical realm, there are certain unseen threats that we must all prepare for. Evil Eye is one such abomination that is quite frequent as a myth and even as an undeniable reality. From a more simplistic perspective, Evil Eye is synonymous with a negative or rather a malicious gaze, a concept that is predominant across the globe, regardless of the culture. 

The History of Evil Eye: How Big a Threat is it?

The legend of the evil eye emanates from a person’s negative energy, with the focus being on ill-thoughts, envy, and jealously. Once individuals start nesting these feelings inside them, they generate negative energy which can be redirected to an unwitting person, with a simple gaze. Often redirected unintentionally, the effects are involuntary and dependent on the extent of negativity proliferating inside. 

Understanding the history and meaning of the evil eye is more about deciphering the origin that dates back to the Palaeolithic era. Although the adaption is different is diverse religions, it is the curse that comes with the Evil Eye that needs to be combated. What’s alarming is that the threats associated with Evil Eye aren’t restricted to one continent with different establishments and geographies having different interpretations on the same.

The global consensus, categorize the Evil Eye as a curse, often attracted when an individual is praised excessively or receives fortune or gets hold of anything that is desired yet elusive in nature. While the country-specific representation of Evil Eye might be different, with France tagging it as Mauvais Oeil, Germany naming it as Bose Blick, and Mal De Ojo being the Spanish term for the same, Evil Eye is a genuine problem that must be taken into consideration.

How to Combat the Evil Eye?

A malicious gaze often results in large-scale misfortune, immense physical discomfort, or even mental ailments. Glare-hungry catastrophe isn’t only about financial loss or perpetuating of health issues. Instead, it might have the ability to bring forth years of sheer, ominous bad luck. 

However, combating and removing the effects of the Evil Eye is possible. While you can always fight the threats associated with gawking by resorting to aura cleansing or salt cleansing, the most sustainable technique is to rely on the Evil Eye protection symbol, either as an amulet or a talisman of sorts. These amulets or reliable accessories feature beads that have specific reflective properties.

These beads are powerful enough to reflect the threats back to the gawkers and the most credible ones come with a natural, blue hue. However, if you are looking to get one for yourself, only consider genuine stores.

Besides bracelets, necklaces, amulets, or talismans, different cultures have been considering myriad possibilities when protection from the Evil Eye is concerned. These include using incense, carrying a cross, or even burning the bear fur, as the more pronounced, culture-defining strategies. While each one of these techniques works differently, the reflective properties of the jewels are more dependable when it comes to nipping the curse right in the bud, without it even reach the concerned individual.