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What It Means When A Woman Goes Silent Based On Her Zodiac Sign

when a woman goes silent

When a woman goes silent, it doesn’t mean she has nothing to say. On the contrary, her silence speaks louder than her words.

In a woman’s silence, there’s always a hidden message, and it’s on you to interpret its meaning. (1)

Believe it or not, what a woman’s silence means can greatly depend on the zodiac sign she was born under. So, in this article, we’ll see what it means when a woman goes silent based on her zodiac sign. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

When An Aries Woman Goes Silent

When an Aries woman goes silent, it means she’s hurt. Her partner may have said or done something that hurt her feelings. So, when something like this happens, she goes silent because she needs to spend some time on her own. She needs to process her pain. She needs to figure things out, reflect on her priorities, goals, and what she wants out of life, and recharge her batteries. She needs to reconnect with herself.

An Aries woman can also go silent because she’s no longer interested in a relationship. She may have had enough of her and her partner’s misunderstandings, bitter arguments, and drama. She may have had enough of her partner’s broken promises, lame excuses, and lies.

Aries women are known for being rash and hotheaded. They react to things fast without carefully thinking first. So, when an Aries woman goes silent, it means there’s rage brewing inside her, waiting to erupt.

When A Cancer Woman Goes Silent

Women born under this zodiac sign are known for displaying passive-aggressive behavior, which is why it can be difficult to know what’s going on in their heads when they go silent. If you do something that can make them feel uncomfortable, angry, or sad, they’ll shut down and avoid talking to you for hours, even days.

Cancer women are also known for being one of the most emotional and sensitive people. They crave the attention and love from those they love the most. So, when a Cancer woman goes quiet and is acting like she’s not interested in you, know that something is going on there.

Cancer women are also known for being overly protective of the people they love the most. So, they can also go silent if you hurt their close friends or family members’ feelings or talk behind their back.

When A Virgo Woman Goes Silent

Virgo women are known as great communicators. If a Virgo woman senses things are going wrong in your relationship, chances are she’ll let you know. Similarly, if you say or do something that hurts her feelings, she won’t be hesitant to let you know she’s hurt and call you out on your behavior.

Virgo women value relationship rules the most. So, if there’s one thing that can make a woman born under this zodiac sign go quiet, that’s if you break some of the rules the two of you have established in your relationship. If you break them, whether unintentionally or deliberately, she’ll feel like she can cut off contact with you without giving you any explanation.

When A Libra Woman Goes Silent

Libra women are very adept at giving silent treatment. When a Libra woman senses that the harmony and balance in the relationship are disturbed, she’ll go silent. If there’s something off in the relationship, she’ll rather go quiet and sweep the problem under the carpet than talk to you about it because she hates drama and conflict.

Libra women are unconfrontational people, and they will do anything in their power to avoid getting involved in any type of argument. When they’re faced with a problem in their relationships, rather than dealing with it right away, they’d choose to pretend as if the issue never existed. This type of behavior can make things difficult for you if you want to find out what the problem is.

Another reason a Libra woman may start ignoring you is that she sees you as a negative person or someone that exudes negative energy. Namely, Libra women love being only around positive people. So, if you tend to be pessimistic or express a lot of criticism, it may now be clear to you why a Libra woman is ghosting you.

When A Scorpio Woman Goes Silent

When a Scorpio woman gets upset or angry at you, she can get mean and tell you things she’ll probably regret saying later. But, in addition to being hotheaded, Scorpio women are also known for being quiet and mysterious. So, when a Scorpio woman goes silent, there might be several reasons for that, but they all come down to the fact that you hurt her or made her mad at you.

If you say or do something the Scorpio woman told you would irritate or upset her, she’ll feel like she can abruptly cut off all contact with you. She’ll ignore you without giving you any explanation why she’s doing that. She won’t bother to wait for you to apologize to her for your behavior or make it up to her.

When A Sagittarius Woman Goes Silent

In addition to being known for being entirely sincere in their relationships, Sagittarius women are also known for being noncommittal people. Getting them to commit is hard.

However, once a Sagittarius woman finds someone she considers worthy of her attention and love, she’ll do everything in her power to be the best partner she can possibly be. However, once she feels like the relationship is not headed in the right direction or that her partner doesn’t have anything to offer her anymore, she won’t think twice about going silent. It’s like she has some kind of a special power that enables her to turn her feelings off at once.

When A Pisces Woman Goes Silent

Pisces women are empathic, selfless, and affectionate individuals who tend to perceive romantic relationships through rose-tinted glasses and idealize their partners. In their relationships, they fully devote themselves to their partners and go out of their way to make their partners feel respected, loved, and admired. And they expect their partners to treat them the same way.

Therefore, if there is anything that can make a Pisces woman go completely silent on you, that is if she notices that you treat her as a second option. Pisces women don’t like feeling not being taken care of and being underrated. They have high self-esteem and value their dignity the most.

Another thing that can make a Pisces woman go silent is if you call her out on her behavior. Pisces women can be caring, compassionate, and loving, but they can’t stand dealing with consequences.

And last but not least, a Pisces woman can go silent if she notices that you’re indecisive. If she can sense that you don’t know what you want to achieve in life and what you look for in a relationship, she’ll go silent to show you that she has no intention of tolerating your indecisiveness.

A woman can go silent for various reasons. And sometimes, those reasons can be determined by the zodiac sign she was born under.