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What It’s Like Living With Depression And Anxiety At The Same Time

Living With Depression And Anxiety At The Same Time

Having anxiety and depression at the same time means having this never-ending war in your head. It means living with two powerful sneaky demons fighting for control over you. And the sad thing is that neither of them ever wins or loses.

If you still find it hard to understand what it’s like living with depression and anxiety at the same time, then try to imagine what it’s like struggling with anxiety first:

Imagine constantly having racing thoughts.

Imagine constantly fearing that something bad or tragic might happen as soon as you leave your house.

Imagine having a panic attack at work or in a bar or restaurant and feeling like you can’t breathe, and you’re unable to do anything about it but just sit and wait for it to end since if you begin reacting to it, those around you will think you are being dramatic or disruptive.

Imagine constantly worrying about what other people think about you.

Imagine constantly trying to make other people like you.

Imagine feeling an overwhelming need to prove your worth since you think everyone around you thinks you’re weird and secretly hates you.

Now try to imagine what it’s like struggling with depression:

Imagine having no motivation to do anything, even to get up in the morning.

Imagine not believing in your own strength and qualities.

Imagine doubting your self-worth every single day.

Imagine not caring about anything at all because nothing seems important to you.

Imagine feeling like no one understands you.

Imagine thinking that you’re useless and worthless.

Now imagine what it’s like struggling with both at the same time.

Imagine having no motivation to get out of bed in the morning and at the same time worrying about all the things you have to do that day.

Imagine trying hard to succeed in life but all the while thinking that the time and energy you invest in your work and family don’t matter at all.

Imagine constantly worrying about your problems but feeling too exhausted to search for ways to solve them.

Imagine trying to make everyone like you but then thinking that there is no point in doing that.

Imagine listening to one voice telling you, “Do something about your condition! Talk about it to your family and friends.” And then listening to another one screaming at you, “Do not overreact! Stop complaining! Do not bother others with your problems! No one really cares about you anyway!”

Imagine feeling a strong desire to fight and live yet at the same time feeling a deep desire to give up.

Imagine living with those two opposing forces and doing your best to cope with both of them every single day.

Imagine doing everything in your power to prevent these two demons from making your life a living hell.

Imagine trying to be patient and gentle with yourself, believe in yourself, and gather the strength to conquer these two demons and move forward every single day.

This is what it’s like to live with depression and anxiety at the same time.