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What It’s Like To Be A Cold-Hearted Person With A Soft, Sensitive Soul


No matter how contradictory the phrase a cold-hearted person with a soft, sensitive soul may sound to you, the truth is that many people who outwardly appear unemotional and distant have a soft, vulnerable nature.

Having a sensitive nature doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be expressed with emotional breakdowns and tears. Some people simply prefer to bottle things up and keep their emotions to themselves instead of dealing with emotional or angry outbursts and creating drama.

Unfortunately, since these people outwardly appear cold, others perceive them as unfriendly, insensitive, and even rude when in reality, all they truly want is to protect themselves from feeling stressed out and stay emotionally strong. And this is something that’s not easy to do at all.

Here’s what it’s like to be a cold-hearted person with a soft, sensitive soul:

1. You can’t stand to be seen being vulnerable and emotional.

You tend to consider strong, negative emotions as a sign of weakness. Therefore, you don’t like to show your vulnerable, sensitive self even to your family, close friends, and partner. No matter how worried, angry, or sad you feel, you do everything in your power to hide your emotions and appear calm and relaxed in all situations.

2. Sometimes you want to express how you feel, but you can’t.

Sometimes you truly want your friends and family to know how you feel and how much you love and care about them, but you can’t express your feelings. It’s like there’s some invisible force that’s preventing you from showing your feelings and being tender towards your loved ones.

3. You’re very vulnerable, but no one knows that.

A little, silly argument with a friend or co-worker or a critical comment from your parents can ruin your mood for the entire day. Fights, criticism, and all types of intense, negative conversations unsettle you and stress you out.

But, people around you are unaware of how you’re feeling. They don’t know that you can get disappointed about a petty thing and overthink it all day long.

4. Other people think you’re insensitive and heartless.

Others perceive you as a heartless person since you rarely express your emotions. People think you don’t care at all about the way others feel and their problems or pain.

It’s easy for people to judge your character based on your appearance, but little do they know that there’s a soft, tender soul behind that façade of insensitivity and detachment.

5. You avoid making a lot of friendships.

You’d rather have one real friend than a bunch of fake ones. You generally find only one person, okay maybe two, that you feel like you can actually be vulnerable and emotional around. When you’re in the company of this person, you feel comfortable showing them your feelings and sharing with them your worries and problems. And it’s usually these people who get to see your soft, sensitive, sweet side.

6. Sometimes people think you’re introverted.

Since you tend to be private about your emotions, others sometimes think you’re timid, introverted, or not interested in making friendships and hanging out with other people.

But, just because you don’t like goofing around and mingling with huge crowds, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re introverted. It just means you’re extremely careful about who you choose to spend your time with.