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What Should You Wear to Graduation? Try These Outfit Ideas


So, we heard your graduation day coming up!  We can feel the excitement as much as you and surely understand that it is going to be a day of selfies, tears, and more. Everyone wants to look good and feel their best on their graduation day. And why not? It is your right to make the most of it for the hard work you invested all those years.

However, deciding on a dress can be a daunting task as the quest to look your best can sometimes end up taking its toll.

To help you get through this dilemma, we have prepared a list of wearable options to rock on your graduation day. With the right makeup and hair, we are sure you will be the best dressed of the day.

Let’s get started with graduation dresses galore!

High-Waisted Pants and Blouse:

For someone who is looking for a look more on the sophisticated side, high-waisted pants and a light blouse would do. You can be experimental and playful with the colors or even opt for more bold patterns. A brightly colored or patterned top paired up with some neutral pants can elevate this classic style while giving it some edge.

The heavy fabric from graduation gowns can undoubtedly make you feel warm. So, opting for this look will keep you relatively cool under that gown. Keep the hair loose, your makeup minimalistic, and you are good to go! 

The Jumpsuit:

They are back in style, girls! For anyone looking for an easy-to-wear outfit, this particular piece of clothing is just for you. It requires very little thought, yet it’s super comfortable and elegant to wear. Feel free to play with patterns or bold colors. A floral design is a youthful choice and is a perfect match for graduation season. Pair it with a trendy cross-body bag, a long, statement chain necklace, and of course, heels. Have your hair tied into a fishtail braid or wear your hair loose and straight. Sounds, picture-perfect, no?

A Little Black Dress:

If you happen to be someone who sticks to the basics and likes to play it safe, then we suggest a classic little black dress. Pair up the dress with nude, strappy heels and gold dangling earrings or hoops. Let the accessories do the talking here and keep the rest of the look, like your makeup and hair, as simple as possible. Stack on a set of midi rings and bracelets for the finishing touch. If it is cold outside; your LBD can easily be paired with a blazer or shrug.

Off-the-Shoulder Dress:

If you want the look to be both sophisticated and a bit dramatic, then an off-the-shoulder dress is all you need. Team it up with some peep-toe platforms and pull up the hair in a high ponytail to accentuate those bare shoulders. Wear some earrings for a softer look and skip the necklaces as it will overshadow the neckline. Do not forget to put on some highlighter on to your collar bone. Flaunt the dress (and confidence) the right way! 

Just Go Monochrome:

Go all white this graduation! Wearing white to an occasion like graduation is undoubtedly a wise choice to make. Nothing looks more timeless and graceful than a white dress. Pair the dress with white pumps or mules and add some curls to your hair. For a pop of color, we suggest going for a bold lip and wear some sparkly earrings for a little bling and sparkle. 

If you are not a lipstick person but still want to add a touch of color to your look, then a chic, bold clutch would do the trick.

The Classic Suit:

A classic suit will make heads turn, and you’ll no doubt be a total stand out. The urban and savvy appeal that a professional suit gives is just unmatchable. Keep the whole look very simple, and let your outfit be the focal point. Pair it up with classic black heels and leave your hair straight. It exudes sheer class, quality and reflects a classic taste in clothing.

A Wrap Dress:

For a modest yet modern look, a wrap dress can be your muse. You can amp up the style game with some on-trend heels, or you can even pair it up with sneakers for a look that’s more on the casual side. Pop on winged eyeliner, blow out your hair and steal the show! 

We are sure the above picks must get your mind started on what to wear. All you have to do is wear whatever you choose with confidence. Trust us when we say that the best accessory is your confidence and how you style it alongside the dress matters most. 

Seize the day, lovelies!