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What to Do If You Are Too Shy To Find A Partner?


Finding a partner can be challenging for many individuals. Before breaking the ice, we usually feel uncomfortable and intimidated by the other half. Especially for naturally shy people, meeting someone can seem to be a real tough nut to crack. It doesn’t have to be that hard.

If you’re looking for meeting someone interesting that fits with your personality, you should start from the right attitude, not the right place. Many people ask questions like ‘where to meet a real romantic guy?’ or ‘where to find older women?’. There is no specific answer to that. Usually, you meet people spontaneously, and the location does not really matter. If making new contacts stresses you out, below we pointed out some essential tips on what to do if you’re too shy to find a partner.

Play open cards

What people appreciate the most is other people’s transparency. If you find it hard to start the conversation, communicate it. Acknowledging someone that you’re shy shows a high level of self-confidence and people like it a lot! Besides, the other person may as well feel a bit insecure and intimidated by the situation. Being honest can make a great ice breaker and lets you both feel more comfortable.

Be yourself

The worst thing you can do is to pose to someone you’re not. For how long would you be able to lie to the other person? Being yourself is the key to success, especially if you want to keep the relationship long term. Even if you’re shy, present yourself with confidence and respect to other people. Another good tip – being kind never fails. Treating her politely, opening the door, listening to her, asking how she feels, simply being a gentleman is what girls love about men. Remember that it works both ways. Among all the things ladies do that men can’t resist, being kind is always on the podium. 

Stay positive

It’s absolutely fantastic how a good attitude can bring people to you. It works like a magnet to many individuals and makes you automatically much more attractive. The correlation is pretty simple – happy people are sexy people. If you want to create a positive vibe, show the other person your great attitude and a happy relationship you have with yourself. Whenever somebody checks you out, they will have the positive insights that you’re a confident and satisfied person who enjoys life. It builds up a great first impression and allows the conversation to run smoothly.

Work on your body language

Obviously, the first impression is physical; that’s why you should work on your posture, gestures, and facial expression. Body language does great work for the majority of communication between human beings. Making eye contact gives the first the other person clear signals of your interests, It’s a gentle way of bringing someone’s attention, assuming that you’re not staring at her/him like a psycho. The innocent but confident look gives you clear information if you should come over and start the conversation. 

Make her/him laugh

We all are simple creatures in this case. People with a sense of humor are considered much more attractive for a simple reason; everybody loves to laugh! Start a conversation with an innocent joke; it can even be making fun of your shyness. The person will appreciate the distance you have towards yourself and the ability to create a fun vibe, which surely will help to break the ice.

No pressure!

Talking to the person you like can end up in two ways – you either get accepted or rejected, and there’s nothing you can do about it. A very common mistake people make is the vast pressure they put on themselves. Even though talking to people you feel attracted to is a big challenge, please, do not treat it as your ‘be or not to be’. We’re all different humans, who sometimes want different things. Don’t fear rejection. Being said ‘no’ doesn’t make you any worse. Just get some distance and treat it as an overall experience.

The bottom line

As you can see, being too shy does not exclude you from meeting people. It’s the attribute you can use while talking to someone. It’s always appreciated if you bet on honesty. Remember that all barriers you have are placed in your head. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t act like someone you’re not. Simple as it is, being yourself is always the way. I hope you will find these tips useful and meeting new people will soon become a very cool experience to you.