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What to Expect from Dental Filling Appointments?


Hearing about going to the dentist’s office triggers a whole new level of anxiety in most people. This is because the idea of getting work done on the teeth while bearing the pain can be very hard to imagine, but it is necessary as well. However, it is not important that every time you visit a dentist or have a toothache, it necessarily means having a cavity resulting in dental filling. Following are some points you can keep in mind before going for a dental filling appointment, so you get an idea about what to expect.

Initial Dental Examination

The very first step to visiting a dentist is to confirm through your check-up what the problem is and if you really need a dental filling. The check-up will consist of a thorough examination of any cavities or slight fractures in teeth because if these issues are not attended on time, it can result in infection, pain and tooth decay. Sometimes, special gel and dyes are also used to expose the affected area of the mouth or can be tested by metal equipment. Sometimes, X-Rays also give the right report, but all methods depend on the case of the patient and preference of the doctor.

Learning About the Procedure

Researching about the procedure beforehand might trigger anxiety, but it might also help you understand the working and prepare yourself mentally. The procedure for dental fillings does not require any fasting, and you can brush your teeth and have your breakfast normally as you do. In case you are afraid of dental procedures, try scheduling in the morning so you get it done early without worrying about it the whole day. Dental fillings procedure does not take long or several visits, however some cases might differ depending on the condition of the teeth.

Usage of Local Anesthetic

Dental filling procedures are usually carried out by injecting the tooth and surrounding area with anesthesia. Numbing the tooth area saves you from pain. The anesthesia is either injected or applied in gel form. Thanks to anesthesia, the procedure feels just like the prick of a needle. Besides the gel and injection dosage, some dentists opt for laughing gas to relieve pain as well. In case you suffer from serious anxiety and cannot bear the procedure, you can consult your dentist to give you sedation as well. Understand that the gel and injection can make the dental filling procedure very comfortable, and the sedation option is more convenient for extreme anxiety patients.

Preparing the Affected Tooth for Procedure

If you are going to the dentist’s office for a dental filling, you should know that dentists prepare the tooth first to perform the procedure. You are provided with sedation, anesthesia or gel first to numb the area. Any decaying in the tooth area is then removed and it is filled. Usually, the procedure is performed by instruments that can be held by hand in order to get rid of all the water, debris and any decay. Some dentists might even use lasers to remove the damaged portions. Towards the end, a gel is applied which helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the tooth.

Applying the Filling on Damaged Tooth

Per New York Total Dental, removing the decay is important for filling the tooth. Different cases will require different materials for dental filling; which might include resin, metal or amalgam. The first thing in filling the tooth is to apply adhesive material over the tooth which helps in creating a strong bond to the tooth. The next step you’ll experience is the application of gel. The dentist will apply a light to secure the tooth by hardening the material. This process might be repeated several times to bind the materials together. This sealing of tooth can save the tooth from any further damage and intrusion of bacteria.

Adding Finishing Touches

After the procedure is done, the last bit is also important to refine the tooth filling. The composite material applied requires smooth finishing by polishing the teeth and edges. After this polishing, there is the step of biting down carbon paper as a test and to ensure that the filling is perfect. In case there is a problem, the tooth is filed down so that you get a natural feel after the procedure and have no issues while eating. Finishing touches are important to avoid any inconvenience later, so even if you are in a hurry, do not opt to leave this step and ensure that you feel comfortable with the dental filling before leaving the clinic.