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What’s Meant To Be Yours Will Find Its Way To You – You Don’t Have To Force It

whats meant to be will be

Unfortunately, life is not a journey that you can plan as it suits you. Sometimes, things are going for us and other times, nothing happens the way we expect and want.

What’s meant to be will be yours.

I can proudly say that I am a fighter. I have clear goals and work hard to achieve them. I accept the challenges and fight the obstacles and problems life sends my way.

I can’t stand when things don’t happen as I plan so I try hard to make them right. I get sad when my plans fail and my dreams don’t come true. I get nervous when I feel like I’m losing control over my life.

But I’m willing to fight every battle I have to so as to get where I want to be in life. I’m willing to oppose anyone and anything who will try to stand in the way to my happiness and success.

I’m willing and ready to stand up every time I fail.


Because I’ve learned that what is meant to be mine, will find its way to me. What’s supposed to happen to me, will happen – I don’t have to force it.

Because that’s life. Sometimes it all falls into place and other times, nothing makes sense. Life doesn’t always go the way we plan.

We’ll be with someone and think he/she is the love of our life, our forever person, and then we’ll helplessly watch the relationship fall apart. We’ll pursue the career we’ve always hoped for, and then one day we’ll realize that’s not what we really want and need.

We’ll have friends and think they’re the most loyal and supportive and before we know it, they’ll stab us in the back the moment we turn around. We’ll fulfill our highest goals and wildest dreams, and then fall down.

And in all of those moments, we’ll rack our brains trying to figure out why bad things happen to us. We’ll wonder what we’ve done to deserve all that disappointment, sadness, and anguish. We’ll have many questions, but unfortunately, we won’t have the answer to each and every one of them.

Because that’s how life works. We can’t predict what tomorrow will bring to us and we definitely can’t control it. We won’t always understand what’s happening. We won’t always know what choices and decisions to make and where we should go. We won’t always know what’s the right thing to do and what’s ours to keep. And what we should actually do is trust.

What’s meant to be will be yours trust the universe, trust God, trust ourselves.

We have to remember that what is meant to be ours will come to us, sooner or later. We’ll part from our partner because there’s someone better out there waiting for us to meet them. We’ll quit our job because new, better opportunities lie ahead of us. Some decisions will prove wrong because we’re supposed to make new ones that will benefit us on both personal and professional levels.

And when these things happen, we might feel scared, angry, disappointed, or sad. We might feel like screaming or crying. We might doubt ourselves and everything and everyone around us. We might feel like our entire world is crumbling in front of our eyes.

But what we need to understand is that sometimes what we hold on to tight falls apart so that something better can come to us. Sometimes some people leave us so that others who are worthy of our love come in our life.

You need to remember that what’s meant to be yours will find its way to you. You don’t need to overthink and rack your brains worrying whether you have done something wrong and whether your prayers will be heard. You don’t need to worry and despair.

You don’t have to force anything.

You don’t have to chase things that are not meant for you. You don’t have to cling to people who are supposed to leave.

You have to remember that you’re worthy and deserving of all the good things life has to offer.

You have to remember that life will not always go according to your plans, but you have to keep believing that you’ll find what you’ve been always searching for.

You have to keep believing and never let any obstacle or change, no matter if it’s small or big, wreck your hopes.

What’s meant to be yours will come to you at the right timing. It’ll come when you’re ready to receive it.