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What’s “Normal”? This Physician’s Brilliant Answer Says It All


We all like to think that there is something in the world that could define what normal behavior should be, and how people should strive to become part of the ‘norm’ that defines that “normal” behavior.

However, the myth of “normal” is just that: a myth. People like to think of themselves as ‘normal’ and they like others to adhere to that ideal. However, the definition of normal varies from one person to another.

The only thing which is abnormal about us is the idea that people who don’t follow our sense of ‘norm’ are actually abnormal. We like to make ourselves better than the rest and we often forget how disconnected we become by constantly analyzing and judging others.

We have forgotten that connection is the key to everything and that we are all different universes that can and should function together in this world that is becoming more and more disconnected.

Problems arise from disconnection, and only connection offers healing to the differences that seem to be more powerful than our innate goodness and our innate ability to create genuine connection.

There’s no such thing as abnormal. We are unique beings who are here to take our part in the continuum that makes humanity what it is. However, we are breaking the chain and we create disbalances that should have never existed.

“Disease is not an isolated phenomenon in the individual. It’s culturally manufactured; culturally constructed paradigm,” explains renowned physician and best-selling author Gabor Maté.

Listen to his brilliant explanation of what “normal” is and tell us what you think in the comments!