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When A Man Is Truly In Love With You, You Feel It In The Depths Of Your Being

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The saying actions speak louder than words might sound like a cliché to you, but when it comes to the way men express love, it describes it best.

Because when a man is genuinely in love with you, you feel it in your heart. You feel it in the depths of your being. Why?

Because he accepts you for who you are. He treats you with kindness, patience, and compassion. He treats you with respect and dignity. He appreciates every detail about you. He sticks with you through thick and thin. He makes your heart beat like crazy and your eyes beam with happiness.

Here are 7 signs you’ve fallen in love with this kind of man:

1. He makes you feel safe.

There’s no other place on the earth that makes you feel more comfortable and protected than his hug. He is willing to do the most unimaginable things to defend you from others. He never allows anyone to make rude comments about you in his presence.

When you’re surrounded by negative people, you feel safe because you know he’s by your side. He’ll walk through fire if necessary, but he won’t let anything and anybody shatter your confidence and break your heart.

2. He makes you his top priority.

He has plenty of daily responsibilities like we all do. Yet, there’s nothing more important in the world to him than you.

You’re his everything and therefore he always makes time for you in his busy schedule. He puts your needs, feelings, and wishes first on his priority list. He rarely forgets to ask how your day was. When you’re going through tough times, he doesn’t magically disappear, but stays beside you and helps you solve all your problems.

3. He inspires you.

This man’s words and actions have a highly positive influence on you. He makes you reach your highest potential. He inspires you to see the world from a different perspective. He encourages you to leave your comfort zone and experience new things. He motivates you to grow personally and professionally and become a better version of yourself.

4. He always has your back.

You’re lucky to be with this guy as he does his best to support you without expecting anything in return. When you disagree about something, he doesn’t dismiss your opinions as irrelevant or stupid.

Yet, he doesn’t say “yes” to everything you say or propose doing too. But, he’ll give you support to do the things that matter to you and encourage you to pursue your highest goals and wildest dreams. Whether you want to continue your education or start a new career, he’ll always be there to tell you: “Just go for it. You can do it. I believe in you!”

5. He is sincere.

Honesty is the best policy is his motto. He’ll never allow himself to lie to, betray, or cheat on you. He knows you trust him and therefore he doesn’t do anything that can break your trust in him. This also means that he is always willing to inform you about things he believes you need and deserve to know. He never hides the truth from you, no matter how harsh or painful it is.

6. He never abuses you or others.

He’s against all types of violence. He, too, has days when he feels disappointed or even angry, but he never takes that out on you. His vocabulary is empty of harsh and offensive words, and he never insults you. Additionally, he’ll never allow himself to play with your mind and emotions,  let alone physically abuse you.  

7. He makes you feel beautiful inside and out.

He makes you feel beautiful inside and out both through his words and actions. He admires your outward beauty, but also your character and soul. He knows your worth and makes you value yourself even more. The way he treats and looks at you makes you feel beautiful even on your worst days and when you don’t wear any make – up. When he tells you that you’re pretty and amazing, trust him-he really means it.

When A Man Is Truly In Love With You, You Feel It In The Depths Of Your Being