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When A Strong Woman Decides To Say Goodbye, She’s Gone Forever


A strong woman will be your support. She will hold your hand tightly and run through the hailstorm. She will endure the hardest tests that life is giving her. She will embrace every obstacle as a way to learn a new lesson. She will give herself completely to you.

She will believe in you, especially when you find it hard to believe in yourself. She will accept every part of your flawed self, just because she loves you more than words can say. She will go out of her way to be there for you… but, only if she’s certain that your feelings about her are real.

Once a strong woman realizes that she has been wasting her time with the wrong person, she’ll be gone forever. She will leave, and you will never find a way to bring her back.

You see, a woman in love will be your everything. She will give both her heart and soul to you as long as she knows that your feelings are mutual. But, once she sees that she’s wasting her love on someone who simply isn’t worth it, she will leave in the blink of an eye.

You may think that she’s going to regret her decision, cry her heart out, beg you to come back, and blame herself for making a mistake, but you’ll be terribly wrong.

Because a strong woman says her goodbyes in her own unique way.

She is the kind of woman who won’t waste her tears on something she decided to put an end to. If she already made a decision to let you go, she must have had a pretty good reason to do so. She must have felt that there’s nothing left for her in this relationship.

Be advised. A strong woman won’t have a hard time abandoning someone or something that hurts her. She will appreciate the good moments, the love you’ve given her and the lesson’s you’ve taught her, but once she’s finally ready to say goodbye, you won’t be able to stop her.

I am not saying that it won’t be heavy on her heart, but she will find a way to find her find herself and get back on her feet. She will survive without you, trust me.

She’s bold and fearless when it comes to her own happiness. She knows that wherever life takes her, and no matter how hard hits her, she will be strong enough to survive the storm, and she will be brave enough to let her heart feel again.

A strong woman won’t mourn her loss of you, she won’t let her disappointment get to her. Instead, she will rise up like the sun and she will try her best to keep moving forward.

She won’t let her pain weigh her heart down. On the contrary, she will use her disappointment as a motivation to grow stronger than she was and learn the most valuable lessons that life gave her.

One thing is definite. When a strong woman decides to bid farewell to you, she is gone forever.