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When A Woman Is Done, Nothing You Do Will Change Her Mind


It’s in women’s nature to be tolerable and though. A woman can put up with and handle many things until the moment she decides it’s enough.

They behave the same way in their relationships. A woman can tolerate your lame excuses, false promises, mistakes, and even lies. And she’ll do this not because she is naïve or stupid, but because she doesn’t want to give up on you.

She can give you a thousand chances, but once she’s done – she’s really done.

Because a woman’s patience has limits.  She can endure pain and heartbreaks way more than you can ever imagine. But, once she gets tired of forgiving you and putting up with your bullsh*t, she’ll show you the door.

When a woman is done, there’s no way you will change her mind. Are you wondering why?

Here are the reasons:

You hurt her many times. When a woman gives you her heart and soul, she expects you to do the same thing. She expects you to value and treat her right. But, when she sees that you’re taking her for granted and playing with her feelings, she has no other option but to leave.

You betrayed her trust. When a woman fully commits herself to you, she believes in you. To make you feel happy and fulfilled becomes her greatest priority. But, once you break her trust in you, it’s hard, almost impossible, to win it back.

It takes a lot of time to gain someone’s trust, but it takes only a moment to break it. Never forget that.

It’s not easy to let go of pain. When a woman’s heart gets broken into thousand pieces, she needs time to put it back together. She needs time to heal her wounds and recuperate.

So, if you think that only by apologizing to her for what you did and asking her to forgive you, you’ll make her change her mind, know you’re awfully wrong. Because even if she still loves you and it’s difficult for her to tell you No, she still won’t get back to you. Why? Because she still carries the heavy burden of her pain.

Old memories get replaced by new ones. When a woman is done, she’ll do her best to move on with her life. Yes, it’ll be hard for her to forget you and erase all the beautiful memories she has with you.

But, she knows there’s no point in living in her past. She knows there’s no point in holding on to something that was never meant to be.