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When is The Best Time To Exercise: Morning Or Evening?

When is The Best Time To Exercise Morning Or Evening

It goes without saying that regular exercise and physical activity are good for your health. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it can help you control your weight, reduce risks of heart disease, and even improve your chances of living longer.

That is why it is important to invest time, money, and effort in your fitness routine. Committing to exercise doesn’t even have to be expensive. You can make a lot of savings by shopping with special discounts such as a power systems coupon from SelectAware.

Also, you need to really set aside time to get your sweat on. The question though is this: when is the best time to exercise? Should you make time to break a sweat in the morning? Is it better to do so at night?

The Case for Early Risers

On one hand, working out in the morning is ideal for torching stored fat or weight loss. It also helps you have less of an appetite throughout the day, which aids in losing weight.

Exercising in the morning has a positive effect on your overall mental health and productivity level as well. This is because exercise is a great way to manage stress. You can simply run, punch or perform yoga poses to let out some steam.

To add to these, a study published in The Journal of Physiology found that exercising in the morning helps you become more alert during day time. It also helps you get tired earlier, which aids you in getting the long quality sleep you need to recover.

The Perks of Evening Exercise 

For a lot of people though, they prefer exercising at night or after work because their mornings are usually pretty hectic. There are benefits to working out in the evening as well.

People who work out at night tend to perform at a higher intensity. When you go hard on your exercise, you will see and feel the effects quickly. This means you’ll get a better burn from your exercise.

In addition to this, muscle function and strength tend to peak at night. This entails that you’ll get to tone your body at a faster rate, making your exercise more effective and efficient.

Truth be told, exercising at night does a bad rap for interrupting one’s sleep quality. However, according to Harvard Health, you can still get some good night’s sleep as long as you avoid intense physical activity an hour before bedtime.

The Bottom line

A lot of experts recommend getting your exercise done in the morning but there are a lot of benefits to getting in your workout at night as well. It all depends on YOUR personal goals, preferences, and lifestyle. You have to factor in your schedule and responsibilities after all.

At the end of the day, what’s important is you maintain a consistent fitness routine. Consistency produces results. Why? The truth is that the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.