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When You Are Tired Of Life And You Can’t Seem To Find The Strength To Move On, Read This


Trust me, I know how you feel. I know how it is to feel exhausted from everything.

I know how it is to be mentally and emotionally drained.

We run around in circles, we hurry to catch the next best opportunity, we rush to catch the next bus, we compete against everyone else, we pretend like it doesn’t hurt when others treat us bad when in reality, we are heartbroken. We chase our dreams, we walk all over people, we dedicate our souls to our careers, we force ourselves to behave heartlessly, just like robots and eventually we burn out.

Guess why? Because we are not robots. We are not heartless, and we are not almighty.

We are human. We have a fragile, palpitating heart, we have warm, thick blood running through our veins, and we feel everything. Oh boy, do we feel…

We love passionately, we fight fiercely, we hate deeply, we hurt intentionally, we argue viciously, we laugh intensely, we cry, we ache, we hide, we seek help, we are afraid, we fall…

And eventually, we get tired. Tired of everything around us.

I mean how could we not? Just take a look around you.

This world is like the craziest, scariest and highest rollercoaster and we are all rushing to get on it. But as soon as we buckle up and as soon as it gets going, we realize that it is too much for us to handle.

The truth is, we are all tired. Don’t let someone’s cool, calm exterior fool you. We all fake it outside, in the real world. But only we know how it feels when we are all alone by ourselves. We are nothing more than an army of tired, exhausted and lost souls who are desperately searching for the meaning of life. We all want to find happiness, but we are afraid to make an extra effort for it. We want to take risks and change our routines, but we are afraid that failure might crush us down. We want to try but we are afraid that we might not be able to start all over again. Because we are tired. We have exceeded our limits.

But you know what? That’s fine. It’s not scary, it’s not embarrassing, and it is certainly not something that should discourage us from moving forward.

It’s a part of life. Something that happens quietly but teaches us the most important lessons in life.

That giving up should never be an option. But slowing down and stopping when life gets hard should.

Getting tired of life is a part of your journey. And it always happens in the exact right time when it needs to happen. It happens when you are ready to accept some of life’s truths and when you are ready to finally make the change that you’ve been thinking about.

You are going through a wonderful metanoia. Embrace that fact and let life teach you everything you need to know. You are exhausted because you need to learn to rest. You are tired because you need to learn that self-love is the first thing that you need to tick off your list if you want to find happiness.