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When You Really Love Someone, You Make Room In Your Life For Them


When you truly, madly, deeply fall in love with someone, you do everything to make room in your life for them. You welcome them in your world. You give them the key to your heart. You let them know that they should feel at home. And you make sure they do.

When you really love someone, you put them high on your priority list. You take time to be with them. You show them how you feel about them. You allow them to enter your realms and find shelter in your heart. You give them the freedom to be exactly who they are.

When you really love someone, you rearrange your priorities. That doesn’t mean ditching everyone else and leaving everything aside just to be with them. It doesn’t mean slacking during work hours because they are all you can think. It doesn’t mean giving up on your hopes and dreams for them. It simply means making more room into your life for them.

Because when you find that special someone, when you finally fall in love and experience that sublime feeling of being loved, you change. You are no longer the same person that you used to be when you were alone. You no longer make decisions without thinking about them. You no longer accept a co-worker’s invitation to lunch before consulting them. You no longer come home 3 hours later than usual while they are waiting for you.

You include them in your plans because they are now a part of the bigger picture.

A part of your life.

Because even though they should never expect you to drop everything for them or give up your life to be with them, they deserve to be placed high. They deserve to be shown that they are loved and cared for. They deserve to be appreciated.

So, remember this. When you truly, madly, deeply love another person, you never make them your second-best priority. You promise to be there for them, to take care of them, to support them, to listen to them, and to accept them with all of their flaws and differences.

You go out of your way to make them feel loved and welcomed in your world. You appreciate them for everything they are to you. You make sure they know how much you respect them. And you make sure they know how important part of your life they are.

It’s really simple. When you love someone, you make room in your world for them.