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Where AED Wall Brackets Are Most Needed


With over 600,000 reported cases in the United States [1], sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) are among the main causes of death in the country. This heart condition occurs when the electric system of the heart suddenly stops functioning. Some of the principal signs indicating SCA include loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, and in some cases, chest pain and nausea, etc.

Studies have proven that automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) are the best option available to save a person’s life during SCA and other related heart conditions happening inside or outside of medical facilities [2].

AEDs operate by delivering an electrical shock directly to the patient’s heart, allowing for its functions to go back to normal, resulting in the affected person resuscitation.

Where to Install AED Wall Bracket

AEDs should always be available to be utilized in public spaces whenever it is necessary. In most cases, their implementation is carried out by the government itself. Here are presented some of the main areas where AED equipment installation has to be mandatory:

Needless to say, as the place where anybody suffering from SCA symptoms seek medical assistance, hospitals are where employing an AED wall bracket is absolutely crucial.

Other public facilities include government buildings, working offices, etc. A report from the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration states that roughly 10,000 people every year suffer from SCA in their workplace. The survey shows that regardless of the company’s environment or size, workers experiencing SCA have only 5-7% survival chance if defibrillation is not delivered [3].

When talking about schools, even though at a young age, the risks are lesser compared with adults, many young students from elementary to tertiary level also suffer from SCA. Statistics related to the United States situation, represent a sad picture. Each year, more than 356,000 cases are occurring out of the hospital with an astonishing 90% death rate [4].

Finally, being among the most overcrowded places, airport and department stores are also among the places that should be equipped with AED wall units. These places are crossed by people of all ages and from all different backgrounds every day. Because of a long period of time waiting in lines or walking around, they are amid the sites where the percentage of cardiac arrest is at its highest.

However, regardless of the location when it comes to general public necessities, healthcare should always be the first priority.

In order to keep AED equipment visible and accessible by anyone in need, a wall bracket is necessary. Through the AED wall mounting unit, the AED can be easily recognized and reached as well as prevent its fall on top of people with the risk of injuring them.

Not only that, but their utilization is also important to keep the operability of instruments in check and guarantee protection from external agents like dust and dirt.

Mindray offers various solutions for AED devices together with AED accessories, including wall brackets to provide top-level safety standards, ensuring their top working performance and saving lives without delay.


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