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Where has the trend of going abroad for surgery come from?


Cosmetic surgery has been growing in popularity and cultural acceptance in recent years, this has brought with a rise in the number of people traveling abroad for their surgery with thousands of people booking flights to other countries to have surgery on a reduced-price tag.

However, there are many risks that come with this type of medical tourism, many of which people are not aware of before they start looking into the procedure they are wanting. Whilst it is true that every single medical procedure, elective or not, comes with risks, having surgery overseas poses a whole new set of risks.

Whilst many things may seem like a benefit to the surgery, to begin with, like having a holiday in a different country, saving money on surgery costs, bypassing rules and regulations. Although, these are all things that can go wrong very quickly.

Even though the cost of the surgery may be lower to begin with, once you add in the costs of flights, hotels, and travel insurance for both you and the person accompanying you it can soon add up to costing more than if you’d stayed in this country. Another thing to think of is the risks of if something goes wrong post-surgery, you will then have the costs of getting back to the country you had the surgery in to account for.

Even though you stand a chance of having a very good quality surgeon, you also run the risk of having a surgeon who is not certified or trained to the same level as the surgeons in the UK. We have strict rules and regulations that they must abide by, especially when performing more specialist type surgeries such as a gastric bypass. It is vital that you trust your surgeon and can rely on them to do the surgery to the best of their ability.

The quality of the surgeon, the nurses, and the facility are all important parts of committing to your surgeon, making sure you research all your different options can mean the world of difference. There could be language barriers between you and the clinic, this can lead to misunderstanding. Whether is about something smaller like food you dislike or something more important about your surgery itself or your recovery.

All in all, it’s very important to do it yourself before entering into a life-changing procedure.