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Who Needs Bite Correction?


Bite correction includes several dental procedures. They include porcelain veneers, bite adjustments, porcelain crowns, orthodontics and equilibractions. They all help to relieve your tight and painful jaw. Apart from being done by medical dentists, they are also performed by cosmetic dentists.  This is referred as facelift dentistry and it is non-invasive and non-surgical. Both medical and cosmetic procedures improve your face and increase your physical comfort.

Here is Why You Need Bite Correction

Misaligned Jaw

A misaligned jaw compromises your facial look. It strains the muscles around the neck and the head as you struggle to keep up with the bad bite. This causes you a headache as you force your jaw to function normally while it’s in unnatural position. You need a bite correction treatment to relieve you from tight and painful jaw.

Protruding Chin and a Large Jaw

Most patients with a protruding chin and a large chin most likely have an uneven jaw and require bite correction.  This can cause you low esteem due to the bad shape of the face. With bite correction, your face will look perfect without interfering with your original beauty.

Premature Aging

A badly positioned jaw is a tight and painful jaw. Apart from coping with the discomfort, you also have to deal with accelerated aging. A bite correction changes your look and decreases wrinkles on your face.  Your teeth stops grinding and your jaw goes back to the biological compatible position.

Indigestion Problems

Your jaw and bite position influences how you chew your food. With a bad bite, your muscles are likely to get exhausted before the food is ready to be swallowed.  You need bite correction treatment to restore the power and also chewing efficiency.  The food is digested better and your whole body health is better as nutrients absorbed effectively.

Low Quality Sleep

When you have better and improved chewing power, the food does not cause discomfort. So you can sleep better. Your airways are also opened up and you can inhale enough oxygen giving you quality sleep. As you age, the space between your mouth roof and the floor gets smaller. This leaves little space for air to pass. You need enough oxygen for a long quality life

Tooth Damage and Wear

When your jaw is misaligned, your teeth hit and rest on each other in the wrong way. This can cause tooth fracture and enamel weal and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Gum Damage

This occurs when you have severe overbite where the lower teeth come into contact with front part of the gum or upper teeth striking the lower teeth gum and lead to gum recession. You can get gum disease or loss a tooth due to damaged gums.  

Difficulty When Speaking

Overbites cause difficulty in speaking and you cannot pronounce some words properly. This can complicate your oral communication and lead to loss of self-confidence.


If you feel any of the above symptoms and signs, talk to your dentist. There are different treatment options to help you out. A tight and painful jaw can lower the quality of your life; so seek help as soon as possible.