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Who Says Marriage Means ‘Settling Down’?


Do your fears of having to “settle down” make the idea of marriage sound horrible to you? If they do, it is time to let go of your fears.

Many people will advise you to get married only when you are done with everything else – getting your degree, traveling, partying, exploring new things, and so on. Because, according to them, the moment you’ll tie the knot all your previous passions will end.

Many magazines cite ‘not being ready’ as a number one valid reason for not getting married. They advise that before deciding to ‘say yes’ to your partner, you should first say ‘yes’ to yourself.

Meaning, you should focus on building your career, traveling the world and discovering new things, as well as continuously working on yourself and your spiritual growth.

And it is true that many people are just not ready for marriage. However, I don’t agree that getting married means settling down and stopping to work on yourself and pursuing your passions.  

Who says that your life should end once you get married? What if it actually gets bigger and better? What if marriage could actually fuel your passions and inspire you to become even better at your endeavors?  

I know people who were more ‘settled down’ when they were single. They were less successful in pursuing their dreams and aspirations because, at that time, they were their own motivators. And because they were the only ones who would miss out, it was easier for them to put off the things they needed to do.

I have one friend who was always dreaming of becoming a professional artist. Before she got married she became worried that she would never achieve her dream.

However, her husband was a major support for her, and their joined incomes and resources have helped her to go after her passion for painting.

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior said in an article that young people (especially women) should view marriage as a cornerstone of their life – not a capstone.

And ‘settling down’ is only a reflection of people’s mentality toward life in general. Your marriage should be a driving force for you to achieve your full potential and not a thing that you settle for once you’ve achieved your goals.

Think about it for a moment. What’s stopping you?

Do you want to bungee-jump? Jump together!

Do you want to have a successful career? Find a partner that will support you.

Do you want a fancy car and a luxurious penthouse? You’ll get them faster if you are saving money together.

Finally, marriage would make you more inspired to achieve your dreams because it is not only you that would miss out – your spouse and your kids would be also missing out opportunities if you fail.

 And what’s a bigger motivator than that?