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Why Amazon Kindle is Dominating The E-book Reader Market


The ebook market itself is a billion-dollar industry, and it is not a surprise that Amazon alone owns a massive 50% share of this market. Why is this not a surprise will be more clear if you have had an experience of using e-books. The Sony e-book or iPad iBookstore which thought that Amazon kindle was inferior couldn’t have imagined its kindle would reach this high. (1)

All this happened due to the ability to read the Kindle ebook on any device; now this made the Amazon market reach bigger and more customer-oriented than that of Sony or Apple.  The heights reach when even iPad users read ebooks using the Amazon Kindle app, now that’s irony!

The market game

Amazon has played the marketing game very strategically and got success through. And all this has played very well in its favour as the ebook market is still growing at a very high speed.  It’s predicted that, with the rate at which the business of Amazon’s Kindle is growing, it would reach 90% of market share and dominate the market with pride.

Now here are a few things that you should know as to why Amazon Kindle is dominating the ebook market:

  1. Reinvented the joy of reading: Unlike Apple’s iPad that tried all computing into reading, Amazon didn’t do anything other than reinvent the pleasure of the reading book. That books that ones were kept dusted on bookshelves and people didn’t have time to read them, with Amazon’s kindle they just got the convenience to read those books anywhere anytime.
  2. Reader’s perspective: The prime focus of Amazon Kindle was core readers, and that was its targeted market. Serious readers always like to enjoy the roughness and serenity associated with reading, and the ebook reader provided nothing more technical than ebook reader for pdf.
  3. Mobility without a burden: The best part of Kindle was that it has a library of hundreds of books that users can carry anywhere with them and enjoy reading on the go. So the kindle provided to travel readers with an easy option to take their favourite books and read them while moving.
  4. The Big collection and easy access: Another feature that made kindle become a user-friendly ebook was the vast collection of e-books on its store and ease of buying them. Although the Kindle is not a computing device yet, it has a wireless link and buys option from where a user can buy the books using Amazon pay options.
  5. Specially designed for a set of the audience: The critical aspect of kindle success also goes towards its marketing strategy. The ebook is intended for a game of readers who like to read then enjoy other computing associated with it. It targets merely the serious readers only.

Given all these aspects that Amazon strong marketing network, the Kindle could make the most of the market. One big step that contributed to the growth of Kindle was that it segregated its market from that of another ebook from the very beginning, and this gives it a kickstart.