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Why An Exerpeutic Elliptical Machine Is The Perfect Piece Of Exercise Equipment For People With Bad Knees


Suffering from bad knees? Well, you might have abandoned exercise to avoid further pain. Nonetheless, regular workouts are essential. Participating in low-impact exercise increases the flow of blood and nutrients to your cartilage. And this is crucial for good knee health. Research shows that those who do light exercises regularly tend to have healthier knee cartilage than those who don’t exercise at all.

Elliptical machines are often designed to combine the leg action of stair-steppers with the arm movement associated with cross-country skiing. Utilizing an elliptical machine is often considered a low-impact activity, and won’t actually cause knee pain as long as it’s used correctly. And since they provide low-impact aerobic activity, elliptical trainers can be a great alternative for those who’ve bad knees or those who’ve joint pain resulting from arthritis. If you’ve any injuries or health issues, you may want to consult with your doctor first.

Here are 3 ways in which exerpeutic 1000xl elliptical workouts benefit your bad knees

Protect your knees from stressful impact

Elliptical workouts are popular for being less stressful on the knees, back, and the hips. They’re a perfect alternative to running, walking, or jogging as they cause less impact.  Since your knees are connected to the machine’s pedals, there’ll be zero-impact exerted on your knees. Besides, these workouts require minimal stabilization around the knee joints and offer a minimum impact.

They Boost Quick Recovery

Utilizing an elliptical can be an incredible way to resume exercise after injury, as long as your doctor has given you clearance to work out. Elliptical workouts can help prevent injuries like stress fractures and mild meniscus tear. But if you experience pain while exercising, stop it and avoid pushing through your workout. Try speaking to a physical therapist as the elliptical shouldn’t be causing any pain to a healthy knee.


They Strengthen Other Muscles Which Keep Your Knees Healthy

Research shows that elliptical machines can accelerate the flow of blood to a person’s knee cartilage and improve muscle strength. And this helps keep the knee joints healthy, especially in those who’ve arthritic knees. In addition, elliptical trainers strengthen the quads, ankles, as well as the hamstrings. All these contribute to healthy knees.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Elliptical For Your Bad Knees

  • Intensity- If you suffer from bad knees, consider starting out slow on the elliptical machine and gradually increase intensity. Pick a machine with resistance options that match your personal needs.
  • Size– Elliptical trainers feature an average height of 6 feet and a width of 2.5 feet. However, big models can extend up to 84 inches in length. So, when making your purchase, look for a machine that can be elevated and its pedals extended.
  • Ergonomics– Certain elliptical trainers force your body to bend forward so as to reach the pedals. You’ll definitely want to choose a machine which allows you to maintain an upright posture for comfort as well as better ergonomics.
  • Programs– Any form of exercise can become boring after some time. Maintain interest in your exercises by choosing an Exerpeutic Elliptical machine with built-in user programs. Certain programs keep track of your objectives/goals whilst others suggest new workout routines.

The Bottom Line

If you want an effective workout, getting an elliptical machine could be an incredible option. Using this gadget will exert less stress on your knees, back, and hips. The movable upper body handles allow you to effectively exercise both your arms as well as legs. Plus, most of these machines can be pedaled in the reverse direction, allowing you to work your hamstring and calf muscles a bit more than you’d with the forward motion.