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Why Are Postcodes So Important for Parcel Shipping?


As soon as you send any parcel of buy something online or on any united states post office, you fill in our address details to get the merchandise to our location. While for many laypersons, the postcode is simply a mixture of letters and numbers, it has a lot of unusual applications that do not readily come to one’s mind when thinking of postcodes. So, why are they important? How are they used? Can a shipment reach its addressee in case it has a wrongly indicated postcode? Experts of Pkge.net clarify some of these things and open the hidden world of postcodes’ significance in our lives.  

What Is a Postcode? 

The postcode, which is also referred to as a postal code or ZIP code, is the combination of letters and numbers (an alphanumeric code) designating a certain postal address and used globally for the purpose of simplified mail sorting. Postcodes emerged in the 1860s in large European cities to ease the process of locating the areas of postal deliveries. By the middle of the 20th century, both large and small cities had zip codes assigned to their areas and districts, and the modern system of postal codes emerged. 

As a rule, the postal codes simplify postal service tracking because they enable quick, automated location of the postal office to which the parcel has to be shipped. Thus, though the postcode does not connect to a specific address as such, it indicates the small area such as a district, a part of the city, or a street for speedy post tracking and other purposes. 

How Are Postcodes Used? 

Besides the traditional international parcel tracking purposes for which a postcode may be applied, it has a number of hidden applications, such as: 

  • Demographic profiling 
  • Monitoring of crime levels by district 
  • Insurance premium determination 
  • Data analysis for marketing purposes 
  • Analysis for house pricing 
  • Catchment areas for schools and healthcare institutions. 

Why Is a Postcode Significant? 

The importance of knowing and using postcodes is often underestimated – why care about such a tiny code if you know the exact address? However, making a mistake in a lengthy address is much easier than in a short postcode. Thus, the provision of this information increases the likelihood of your package arriving at the point of destination without any losses and deviations from the route. 

What role do postcodes play in the international package tracking process? They serve as the initial sorting information for the carrier to allocate each parcel to a specific location. Those who do not understand the post office tracking system may indicate the ZIP code wrongly hoping that the parcel will still reach the addressee because they provide a correct address. However, it’s not that simple – with the growth of e-commerce and overall expansion of the global population, postal carriers handle millions of deliveries every day across the globe, so the initial process of their sorting is automated.

The machines read ZIP codes as the only machine-friendly information and sort parcels for their delivery to the next sorting stage. Thus, in case your ZIP code is wrong, your parcel may go to another city or area. After that, it will be quite a challenge to locate it and bring it back to the right address. 

So, in case you realize that you have provided a wrong ZIP code, it’s time to contact the postal carrier and ask, “find my package, please.” Maybe it hasn’t gone too far yet!