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Why Changing Your Name When You Get Married Can Name-changing be a Terrible Idea?

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Getting married is very stressful but some get excited as a lot of new experiences come your way which has its own uniqueness. It includes a lot of planning regarding decorations, menu, venue, etc. However, many brides prefer to change their names after marriage. Sharing names with your partner is a gesture of love and togetherness. Although, changing names have so many options, however, it contains its advantages and disadvantages of not changing name after marriage.

Options for changing your name after marriage

Following are the options: 

1.Staying with your surname:

Staying with your surname is a common option to go with. It has no such complication. Even, you do not have to bother yourself to change your name from every single document, bank accounts, or academic record paper. 

2. Move your last name to the middle:

This option means you can stay with two identifications. One that shows your previous family while the other one mentions that you belong to a new family.

3. Combination of names:

Combining your names refers to merging your last names and creating one. For example: if one partner’s last name is Charles and the other’s is Jain. It will be made up like Jane Charles or CharlesJain. 

4. Last name creation:

You and your partner can create a new last name with mutual understanding. 

5. Traditional option:

Changing your last name with your husband is the most popular tradition in name-changing games. Some men also prefer to change their surname with their wives. And making new wedding traditions is so trendy these days.

Along these name changing options following are their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of not changing name after marriage

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of not changing name after marriage. 


  • Sticking with your surname will prevent you from the entire name-changing process. Your name will be secure professionally and will not affect your initial reputation. 
  • You can have both your surnames. Easy way to have your partner’s name.
  • When you combine your names, it represents unity and love. And it also demonstrates the togetherness of two families.
  • Creating your last name will give you good vibes as it will be created as per you and your spouse’s choice.
  • The changing name traditionally is stressless for you. It is easy to travel and having health insurance after marriage.


  • If you do not share your partner’s name you have to make some legitimate requests, in case there are any health emergencies. Your presence may require in hospitals every time to proceed with the treatment on your behalf. 
  • Moving your last name to the middle may give you a more thought process because not all the mixed names sound good. 
  • Combining a name will be a little hard for you to adjust. And for some people, you have to explain your name every time. 
  • Changing your name is already a risky task to take. On the other hand, if you are willing to create your new last name, it will confuse a lot of people. And, probably, your family will not approve of it either.
  • Traditionally taking your partner’s name is a little besmirching for you, if you have a business under your name. You might face some reputational damage after taking your spouse’s surname after marriage. 

Changing names affect children

Changing your name after marriage is completely your choice and it is illegal to make it happen. But making the right choice and compromising in your name-changing plan would be a smart move. Changing a name may seem cute, romantic, or lovable to you but its charm is temporary. It takes your family’s approval. In some cases, your family finds it so disrespectful. On the other hand, picking up cute names will affect your future children’s reputation which can lead them to a hoard of embarrassment. 

If you change or have merged your names, whose name you are going to give to your children? And if you hyphenated your names. Will your child accept that? Or use it in their future? This whole scenario will change your mind in a minute.

Also, taking other options for changing names rather than the traditional one creates some serious issues in the future. You and your children will face difficulties in school admissions, visas, traveling, hospital emergencies, etc. However, if you end up getting a divorce which name will you keep? Or give it to your child? Changing your child’s name may make you suffer from the court. In many states, you have to file your concerns to change your child’s name. You have to go for court hearings and need to give a legitimate reason to the judge. 

In conclusion, make sure your basic concerns before changing your name after marriage. And in the United States laws varies in every State. So, keep the laws in your mind in the entire process of name changing to prevent the troubles which may occur in the future.