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Why Do Married Men Use Prostitutes?


Is the stereotype that sex becomes non-existent when you get married true enough to drive men to escorts? Is it the fact that boredom and routine kicks in and they want something new and exciting? We explore the possible reasons why so man married men opt to pay for sex rather than have an affair;

Their Wives

Let’s start with the most obvious and common assumption as to why men would visit a prostitute, their wives. It is possible that they are not as attractive as they once were, age catches up with everyone. Add in the possibility of weight gain, multiplied by childbirth and all of a sudden the overall package of a wife has dramatically changed since they were first wed. You could argue that that is life and happens to us all but is that too simple an assumption and something we neglect too often? Seeing your once promiscuous, sexy and fun partner gradually change into a dull, predictable and boring version of the person she once was can be difficult for a man to accept. It is a mental shift as well as a physical alteration which brings significant challenges in its own right. In a lot of cases it is simply the fact that men want to be physically attracted to their sexual partner and if they have to pay for that when their wife doesn’t meet the requirement any more then they will.

Risk and Reward

An affair is often a risky business for a married man, especially if there are children involved. The consequences and potential fall-out on one side or sometimes both sides of the affair are catastrophic. Therefore it is much less stressful and more convenient to hire an escort to fulfil your sexual need rather than risk losing everything you have built up. The reality is you are risking it either way but in this case, the husband sees it purely as a business transaction. He gets what he wants and needs with no fuss or drama involved and there is little or no life balancing of life in comparison to a full-blown affair. It is a much more attractive proposition. Discovering ‘Find escorts near you’ on his laptop may be crushing but not as life changing or as definitive as a trail of messages from ‘Claire at the office’ for example. 

Stale Marriage

The longer you are together, the honeymoon period inevitably disappears and what was once passion and lust is now tea, biscuits and feet-up with the soaps. This can quickly become tedious and men will start to look elsewhere, particularly if the sex dries up at home. This can be both a quantitative or a qualitative issue whereby some don’t get enough and others get regular sex from their wives but is unimaginaitve, boring and routine. An experience like this begins to feel like a chore rather than a pleasure and no doubt impacts on a man’s mind when choosing to hire a prostitute. The ‘lets get it over with’ attitude of his wife doesn’t exactly scream excitement or a thrilling connection. With an escort he is more likely to be able to experiment with positions, fantasies and individual pleasures that he is not getting from his wife who is stuck in a sexual rut.