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10 Differences Between Genuine And Fake People

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Over the course of life, we get to meet different types of people. Some are nice, honest, and genuine. They tell it like it is, they show their true selves, they treat you with respect, and they’re nice to you. Others are inauthentic. They’re phony, they don’t want others to see their insecurities and flaws, and all they are focused on is taking advantage of you. 

Unfortunately, inauthentic people can look the same as genuine people on the surface, which is why sometimes it’s difficult to recognize them. However, underneath, they possess many traits that distinguish them from authentic people. 

So, the question is: How can you identify whether someone is genuine and really being nice to you or fake and is only taking you for a ride?

In this article, we’re going to answer that question as well as explain what a genuine person is like and how to spot a phony person. 

What Is The Difference Between A Genuine And Fake Person?

Here are 10 differences between genuine and inauthentic people you should know:

1. A genuine person is compassionate, empathetic, and caring. They feel your sadness and pain. They’re willing to be there for you when you’re feeling down or going through a rough time in life. On the other hand, fake people don’t stick around in your bad times. Moreover, they feel content and happy when you’re sad or hurting or when you experience failure because this makes them feel superior to you.

2. A genuine and honest person will help you without expecting that you’ll return the favor. They’ll help you because they’re caring, generous, and benevolent. On the other hand, a fake, phony person will help you since they expect that helping you will benefit them in some way. They’ll help you because they expect something in return. 

3. You’ll never hear a genuine person tell a lie because these people hate lies. They’re honest, and upfront and they always tell it like it is. On the other hand, inauthentic people are disingenuous. They’re highly adept at lying and manipulating others. They can lie to you to your face without feeling shame or regret. 

4. Authentic people are genuinely nice. They treat you with kindness, respect, and dignity because it’s in their nature to treat everyone, including those who are not close to them, in this way.

On the other hand, inauthentic people just pretend to be generous and kind to you. When they’re being nice to you, all they’re thinking about is how they can use you to satisfy their needs.

5. Genuine people want you to be happy. They’re compassionate, caring, and thoughtful, and they’ll call or text you to see whether you are okay. On the other hand, a fake person is only focused on how they can be happy by taking advantage of you. They’re only around when they need something from you.

6. A genuine person will tell you what they think about you right to your face. They won’t do anything that could destroy your dignity. On the other hand, a phony and fake person will praise and flatter you when you’re around, but once you turn your back, they’ll talk about things behind your back and even tarnish your reputation.

7. Genuine people celebrate your successes. They’re happy when you achieve a goal, be it personal or professional. Moreover, they’ll motivate you to set higher goals and work hard to accomplish them. On the other hand, inauthentic people envy your successes and achievements. They love to see you fail. They hate that you’re better or more successful than them, and they only think about how to undermine your accomplishments.

8. A genuine person stays by your side through thick and thin. They don’t leave you to solve your problems or struggle with pain on your own. They make sure you know you can always count on them. On the other hand, a phony person only stays by your side when you’re happy or celebrating your successes. They’re nowhere to be found when you need their support or help or when you’re hurting.

9. Genuine people are modest. They’re aware of their strengths, but they don’t like bragging about them. On the other hand, phony individuals are arrogant, narcissistic, and boastful. They enjoy boasting about their achievements and how smart and successful they are. They believe they’re superior to others. They have no problem putting you down just to make themselves feel and look better than you.

10. A genuine person accepts responsibility for their actions. They’re not afraid to acknowledge their mistakes, and they’re willing to accept criticism and blame. On the other hand, a fake person will always blame you for their own mistakes and failures. If they say or do something that hurts you, they’ll lay the blame at your door.

What Is A Genuine Person Like?

Genuine people live true to themselves. They live their lives according to their own values and principles. They embrace their qualities and weaknesses. They accept themselves the way they are, and they’re not afraid to be who they really are around others.

Genuine people are also honest and trustworthy. They don’t beat around the bush or sugarcoat the truth. They tell you what they think about you openly and directly, even if they know that you might not like to hear the truth.

In addition to this, genuine people possess other characteristics that make them different from other people, and in what follows, we’ve presented 5 personality traits that all genuine and authentic people have in common.

1. They Are Trustworthy

Having a genuine person in your life means having someone you can always trust. Genuine people are not afraid to show who they really are and express their feelings. And when they say something, it’s because they really mean it.

2. They Don’t Try To Make Others Like Them

Genuine people know that there will always be those who won’t like them. And they are fine with that. They’d never allow themselves to pretend to be someone they are not or act not following their principles and values just to get someone’s affection or approval.

They’re not afraid to make unpopular decisions or swim against the current to do the right thing. They won’t let anyone or anything prevent them from living true to themselves.

3. They Embrace Vulnerability

Authentic people are aware of their imperfections and weaknesses, and they don’t try to minimize or hide them so as to protect themselves from unpleasant or harmful experiences. They also embrace their failures and fears because they don’t perceive them as flaws. Instead, they look at them as something they can grow and learn from.

Authentic people accept criticism too. If someone doesn’t like the way they talk, walk, dress, or behave, they’re okay with that. They know exactly who they are, and they accept themselves as such, so what others think of them doesn’t affect the way they think about themselves.

4. They Really Listen

When interacting with you, a genuine person will get rid of any distraction to focus on the conversation since they’re interested in what you have to say. They won’t constantly look at their phone to see if someone has texted them or liked their newly posted photo on social media. 

When an authentic person talks with you, they focus all their attention on the conversation. They listen to you attentively without judging you because your words have meaning for them.

5. They Are Generous

Genuine people are not afraid that if they share their knowledge and experience with you, you will outshine them. They don’t think that if you’re better at something or more successful than they are, this will make them look bad. They are team players and have no problem watching others do better than them.

How To Spot Fake People

It’s important to know how to recognize fake and phony people so as to save yourself from their negativity and toxicity. These individuals can make you feel mentally and physically drained in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry. In what follows, we’ve presented 8 traits that fake people have in common and that you should be aware of.

1. They Are People-Pleasers

Inauthentic and phony people will go to lengths to get other people’s validation, affection, and approval. For example, when interacting with you, they might adjust their statements to match yours or those of others and tell you things they don’t really mean instead of expressing their personal beliefs and views.

2. They Judge Others

Not only do they rarely give compliments, but they also have no problem judging and putting down others.

They’ll criticize the way you talk, walk, eat, dress, or behave and downplay your achievements because, in this way, they boost their self-confidence.

3. They Have Zero Self-Reflection

Self-reflection requires you to be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and 

imperfections, be able to recognize and express your emotions, admit and learn from your mistakes, and accept responsibility for your actions. But fake people don’t possess the depth and genuineness that are necessary to do all of these things.

They avoid expressing their feelings openly, and they try to minimize or hide their insecurities and vulnerable sides because they don’t want others to notice their flaws. They also don’t learn from their mistakes and accept responsibility for them or their failures.

4. They’re Only Around When They Need Something From You

A fake person will be nice to you, shower you with compliments, flatter you, or call you and text you a million times a day when they need or want something from you. 

They might text you to ask you to do them a favor or invite you to lunch since another friend refused to accompany them or bailed. And if it’s you that need their help with something or a favor in return, they’ll pretend they’re busy doing other more important things.

5. They Don’t Really Listen

When talking to you, a fake person doesn’t focus on the conversation. You can talk to them for hours, and they can act like they’re interested in what you have to say, but they actually won’t pay any attention to your words. Sometimes when interacting with them, they may even appear zoned out or bored.

6. They Talk Behind Your Back

A fake person will act nice around you so that they manipulate you into telling them personal details, and they’ll be quick to share them with other people.

It can be difficult and painful to find out that someone you believed was your friend has been talking behind your back or spreading blatant lies about you. So, if you have a friend that behaves this way when you’re not around, know that they’re not a real, loyal friend. They’re a cold fake.

7. They Work Hard To Build Relationships

Authentic individuals have no trouble making friends, and you can easily find yourself attracted to them. This is not the case with fake people. Phony and inauthentic people have a hard time connecting with others as well as building and maintaining relationships. And it’s no wonder that they have trouble making friends, considering the fact that they never show their true colors and are phony.

8. They Are Fickle Friends

Unconditional and loyal friends stay by your side through thick and thin. Fake people don’t. When you’re feeling down or going through a tough time in life and need their emotional support or help, they’ll be quick to disappear. 

For instance, if you get into an argument with someone, a fake person won’t stay by your side to defend you or offer you advice. Or they can be compassionate and generous when you’re around and gossip about you once you turn your back.

Fake People Quotes 

1. “When you have fake friends, you realize who are the real ones.”

2. “Walk away from people who don’t live true to themselves.”

3. “Fake people always try to put down others.”

4. “Distance yourself from people that wear masks.”

5. “All that fake people spread is negativity.”

6. “Fake people have an image to maintain. Genuine people don’t care about it.”

7. “Fake people will be nice to your face and bad behind your back.”

8. “Fake people always envy your achievements.”

9. “When you’re going through a rough time in life, you get to realize who your real friends are and who fake ones are.”

10. “Genuine people want to see you succeed. Fake individuals want to see you fail.”

11. “Once a fake person has gotten everything they wanted from you, they reveal their true colors.”

12. “Choose your friends wisely. There are many fake ones surrounding you.”

13. “Fake people only care about themselves.”

14. “Fake people stick around in your good times and disappear in your bad times.”

15. “Walk away from people who only stick around when they need something from you.”

16. “It’s better to have an enemy than a fake friend by my side.”

17. “True friendships bring happiness and joy into your life, but the fake ones bring disappointment and sadness.”

18. “I don’t need an enemy. My life is already filled with many fake people.”

19. “Stay away from people who hate you because you’re better than them.”

20. “Genuine people are hard to find. Fake people lurk around every corner.”