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Why Empaths Are Like Magnets For Toxic People And How To Break The Vicious Cycle


Empaths are these kind, compassionate, tender, incredible human beings. With their unique personality and sweet, compassionate, intuitive nature, they’re like sent on a mission from the Universe to help and save others.

These people possess the gift to feel other people’s feelings and energy. They intuitively know the state of mind, tastes, and yearnings of the people they are around. Therefore, they understand everyone.

Empaths enjoy helping others. When they notice someone is struggling with problems or pain, they can’t resist helping them. It’s no wonder they are called “the healers of society.”

Empaths make a special, meaningful connection with other people. They connect with others on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

These sensitive, compassionate, caring human beings can’t stand seeing other people suffer and therefore they’d never allow themselves to be the reason behind someone’s sadness, pain, or suffering.

One more quality that makes empaths so unique is that they’re sincere, trustworthy, and principled. They take responsibility for their own actions, and they’re not ashamed or afraid to admit when they’ve made a mistake and apologize if they’ve hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally.

Empaths try to see only the good in people and they tend to think that other people are decent, honest, unselfish, and genuinely good as they are. But they’re wrong about this and they pay the price for it.

Because this is exactly what makes them magnets for manipulative, lying, inconsiderate, negative people.

Toxic people use the kindness, softness, and compassionate nature of empaths as a means to satisfy their own selfish needs.

Empaths are unable to understand that not everyone is honest and caring as they are and that not everyone takes responsibility for their actions as they do.

They can’t understand that unlike them, who are driven by the need to help and make others happy, there are people who are driven by a need for power and attention.

There are people who place their opinions, needs, priorities, and wishes above everyone else’s. There are people who don’t apologize for their mistakes and wrongdoings because they don’t think they ever do anything bad.

There’re people who are ready to do anything to satisfy their own needs, even if that means hurting others and wreaking havoc on someone’s life.

Therefore, all empaths need to be extremely careful about who they let into their lives and who they put their faith into.

Empaths need to remember that if they’re involved with a toxic person, be it a family member, friend, coworker, or partner, they are setting themselves up to be manipulated and mentally and emotionally abused.

And most importantly, this unique kind of people needs to always keep in mind that it’s not their duty to always try to help and take away the pain of other people.

It’s not their duty to fix their relationships, whether romantic or otherwise.

It’s not their duty to be emotional sponges or someone’s punching bag.

It’s not their duty to take responsibility for other people’s actions and mistakes.

It’s not their duty to internalize other people’s feelings and feel angry, afraid, sad, or depressed when someone around them is feeling that way. Because in this way, they only exhaust themselves and ruin their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Empaths need to establish firm boundaries and honor them. They need to stop trying to help and heal everyone around them. They need to take a break and let go of all people that take advantage of them and treat them badly.

Because once they decide that they don’t need to carry all the pain in the world on their shoulders, they’ll regain control over their lives and stop attracting toxic people.