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Why Every Guy Goes Crazy For A Girl With A Big Heart And Sarcastic Mind


In the ocean full of shells, you are lucky to find the rare pearl: she is soft but strong, gentle but brave… She is complicated in her own simplicity. She is special, worth your love. – The girl with a big heart and sarcastic mind.

Here are 8 reasons why guys fall head over heels in love with a girl with a big heart and sarcastic mind.

1. She will occasionally slap the truth in your face.

So, you think she is rude? Nope. She is honest. This girl says how it is. This girl says what she means. Everything you have no ba*ls to say or hear. No hesitation. No fear.

Don’t you dare to mess up with a girl who tells the truth! She doesn’t have hairs on her tongue.

2. She has a raw sense of humor.

Like it or not, she makes crude jokes. She doesn’t mean to hurt or offend anyone with her jokes, though. People love her for being witty, sarcastic…unique.

If she calls you “cheesy”, don’t fall into that trap. She still falls for your romantic gestures and all little things you do…but…she wants to mess with you in a good charming way … or maybe she is sincere, you never know. 😉

3. She is determined.

Well, you ask a girl whether she wants to go out with you…and you lose yourself waiting for eternity. Not with this girl. This girl is either “yes” or “no”, never both, never “maybe”.

With this girl you know exactly where you stand: she either likes you a lot and cares about you, or she doesn’t give a f*ck about you. Nothing in between. She won’t waste her precious time on half-hearted things.

4. The walls of her heart are high.

Opening up is hard for her. Her emotions are her secret treasure and she has troubles expressing them. Sometimes, she may seem indifferent.

She loves you? You won’t hear that from her before you do it. Stop rolling your eyes! Shut up and kiss her! Be patient. She will let her guard down quickly. She is worth all the trouble.

5. She is not a heartless robot.

Yes, this girl is sarcastic. Yes, she might seem weird to you… but she is intelligent, funny and charming. This girl is wild and free, and she has a great sense of empathy. She just hates to be vulnerable and tends to defend her good heart with sarcasm.

So, next time you hear bad rumors spreading with the speed of light about her, make sure you don’t believe them.

6. She is a secret romantic.

Sensitive. Hopeless and sweet. And she can’t help herself about it. She appreciates little gestures and gifts with inner meaning. When she loves, she loves from the depth of her heart. Strongly. Intensely. Fully.

So, you want one-night-stand? She wants much more than that; she likes you a lot and wants a long-term relationship. Take it or leave it. Crap. This girl believes in true love.

7. She shows her affection in a weird way.

She may throw you a surprise party out of nowhere or call you “a sweet a*shole”. This is what portrays the perfect combination of having a good heart and sarcastic mind.

If she tells you this, there’s no doubt she loves you. She loves differently and that’s what makes her special.

8. She is a strong girl with a soft fragile heart.

And suddenly, she pulls out her sharp sword made of pure gold and waves with it through the air. Her eyes are burning like fire. Her spirit is glowing in a furious mess. She can smell the victory. Attaaack!

Umm…actually, this badass warrior is a gentle woman with a loving fragile heart. She is two different things beautifully shaped in a never-fully-discovered mystery.

That’s why men lose their mind because of her. She is who she is. She is irresistibly adorable in her own sarcasm.

Image: Guillaume Gilles