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Why Falling In Love Is So Damn Tough For Badass Women


There’s a general misconception that strong women don’t like being in a relationship and that they’d rather be single for the rest of their life than get married.

While it’s true that strong, independent, confident women don’t need a man so as to feel happy and emotionally fulfilled, they do want a man who will be as strong as they are and who will be able to keep up with them in every aspect of life.

They want to experience raw, deep, genuine, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love and yet, most of them have a hard time falling in love.

I see myself as a strong woman, and I’ve been in a couple of meaningful, fulfilling relationships. Yet, they all failed. Trying to figure out the reasons for this, I’ve talked to other badass women I know, and we’ve come up with several answers.

Are you ready to hear them? Okay, let’s start.

The main reason why strong, independent women have a tough time falling in love is that we don’t want to compromise our values.

We have strong principles and values and we act in accordance with them. We know what’s morally good and what’s wrong. We don’t let anyone make us change our attitudes and opinions just because they’re different from theirs.

We can’t stand people who have double standards and who pretend to be someone they’re not. We don’t want a guy who hides his true colors behind a charming, kind, loving face so as to make us fall in love with him.

We don’t trust anyone unless they prove they deserve our trust. We want actions, not words.

We don’t want to be with a man who will have the heart to lie and cheat on us. Instead, we want him to be completely honest with and loyal to us. We know how it hurts when someone betrays your trust and therefore we do our best to keep our hearts safe.

We don’t need anyone to lead us through life. We know what we want and how to get it. We have clear goals and dreams and work hard towards them. We’re not afraid to accept the challenges and difficulties life sends our way every single day. We don’t fear risks and failures  because we’ve failed many times, but also got up, and moved on.

We don’t like flaky people. We don’t want a man who will say one thing and do another. A man who will make promises and then fail to keep them. A man who will behave like it suits him.

We don’t want a man who is not open to the idea of love. A man who is afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and ashamed to show his vulnerable sides. A man who will make us doubt his feelings for us. A man who will be afraid to love and be loved.

But most importantly, we’re not afraid of being single. Let’s say this right here and right now: Being single doesn’t mean being lonely. Being single doesn’t make us feel lonely, depressed, unworthy, miserable. Remember that!

We’re not afraid of being single. We’re afraid of being with a man who won’t accept and cherish us the way we are – confident, strong, resilient, funny. A man who will try to mold us into something he needs. A man who will disrespect our boundaries and criticize our decisions.

We’re not afraid of enjoying our own company. We’re afraid of being with a man who won’t enjoy spending time with us. A man who will see us as just one more obligation he has to fulfill. A man who will date us just for fun.

We’re not afraid of being single, we’re afraid of waking up next to a stranger. We’re afraid of being with someone with whom we’ll have nothing in common.

We’re not afraid of being single, we’re afraid of being with a man who won’t know how to hold intellectually stimulating and interesting conversations. A man who won’t bother to listen to and understand our opinions and ideas and who will act like he’s always right.

We’re not afraid of being single, we’re afraid of making love with someone, but not feel loved and warm on the inside.

We want a man who will want to get to know us down to the core and reach the deepest parts of our soul. A man who will be willing to invest time and effort in the relationship. A man who will treat us with the same amount of love and admiration we treat him.

We’d rather roll solo than be with the wrong guy. The guy that will wonder whether we’re worth settling down with.