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Why Fulfilling Your Erotic Fantasies Can Be Beneficial to Your Spiritual Health


It’s no coincidence that your energy is highest when your spiritual health is well or when you’re intimate with someone. Your spiritual health is closely linked to your sexuality and your deepest, and innermost desires. Whether you’re getting down with your partner or having fun solo, your deepest sexual desires affect your spirit. 

If you’re looking to learn more about spirituality and how it’s connected to your bedroom habits, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about how indulging in your erotic fantasies can help cultivate your spiritual health! 

Connect to your inner self

Bettering your spiritual self oftentimes starts from the bottom up. To reach the highest levels of your consciousness, you need to look deep within yourself and get in touch with your sexuality. Your erotic fantasies are a part of you and can help you unlock your true self. Indulging in and exploring them can help you connect with and unlock the door to your higher self. Spend some more quality time with your body one on one or with your partner, and connect to your primal self. Whether you’re a man, woman, or anything else in between, getting in touch with your freaky side is a good way to unlock your higher self!

Learn more about yourself

To be in touch with your higher self, and to cultivate your spiritual health, you first need to get to know yourself on a personal level. You need to know what makes your soul vibrate so that you can recognize it when you see it. Knowing what you’re attracted to and what you like and want in bed is a great place to start. Get to know your body, watch ebony live sex online, or experiment with your partner, to find out what you like. Exploring your sexuality and desires is a perfectly natural and healthy way to get to know yourself. Once you’ve come to terms with your deepest desires, you can begin to love and accept yourself, and achieve enlightenment!


While on the topic of acceptance, coming to terms with your sexuality and preferences is a big part of it. The sensual, animalistic, or erotic sides of yourself, can often be seen as taboo to the world around you. Whatever your preferences may be, the world will try to tear you down because of them. If you let this type of thinking get to you, you close the door to that part of yourself and yourself as a whole. True self-acceptance comes from knowing and accepting all parts of yourself, the good and the naughty. Understanding your sexuality, preferences, and kinks brings you one step closer to this. Accept yourself through the bedroom to gain access to your higher self!

Connect with your partner

Indulging in your deepest desires brings you closer to both yourself and your partner. Many things can be holding you back from truly connecting with your partner. One common thread is the issues in the bedroom for many couples, most of which stem from a lack of communication. Knowing what you like and knowing how to communicate it to your partner is key. So sit down, and have an honest discussion with each other, to unblock your muddy connection. Talk about what you would like to change or try, and don’t be afraid to speak your thoughts. Honesty, compassion, and understanding of each other’s deepest desires is the key to true connection.  

Broaden your horizons

Last but not least, exploring your sexuality can help you broaden your horizons which is the key to your spiritual evolution. Stagnant energy, whether in the bedroom or outside of it, can harm your spiritual evolution. If you become complacent and lose the desire to explore the world or better yourself, your spirit will suffer. Taking risks in the bedroom and stepping outside your comfort zone can help break this cycle and many others. Try a new position, experiment with toys, or add another player to the game! If you can navigate the treacherous world of the bedroom, there’s nothing out there you can’t conquer!

So there you have it! With this guide in mind, it’s easy to see why working in the bedroom helps you work on your spirit. Cultivating your spirituality through sexual desire starts with connecting to your inner self. Learning more about your body, your likes, and your sexuality can open the doors to your higher self. It can help you break free from the shackles of taboo and shame and help you achieve true self-acceptance. Getting in touch with your innermost desires can help you connect better with your partners too. Last but not least, exploring your sexuality broadens your horizons and makes your soul fuller!