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Why is Gluten Bad? Some Healthy Replacements!

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The word ‘gluten-free’ has gained much attention in recent years. Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for ways to make their lifestyle even healthier. The word gluten seems quite popular in the market, and people are quitting it to become healthier. Do you think you should quit gluten too? Well, you must do your research to find out if quitting would do you any good.

Gluten is not necessarily bad for everyone, but it can create a handful of digestive issues for most. If you experience bloating, nausea, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea after having gluten, quit it. Some people still need to be convinced about going gluten-free and finding the proper logic behind the concept. If you want to know why gluten is bad, dive right in!

Why Is Gluten Bad?

Inflammation and gluten are co-related, and many people find it one of the triggers to their stomach issues. Most people think gluten is something bad for the body, like sugar. However, gluten may be good for some and is perfectly digestible. However, most people have gluten sensitivity, which can cause many digestive issues. Some people have a celiac digestive disease which causes a lot of sensitivity in the stomach. It attacks the small intestine causing you to feel nauseous and bloated.

Hence, some people can feel very sick when having gluten products. If you think you have gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy, avoid gluten. Many gluten-free alternatives in the market taste normal but do not make you fall sick. You should know what foods cause inflammation and try eliminating them from your diet.

Why Is It Good to Go Gluten-Free?

The recent coronavirus outbreak made us realize how important it is to prioritize our health. We must focus on improving our health by eliminating eating disorders and focusing on eating right. Gluten may not harm most people, but eliminating it can improve your health. Hence, many people try to have a gluten-free diet even if they are not allergic to it. Here are a few reasons why gluten can be harmful to you:

●       Added Preservatives

The food we consume has a huge impact on our bodies and our energy levels. Some foods can cause insomnia and restlessness; hence, it is essential to avoid them. Gluten is hard to digest and does not make you feel great when you eat it.

Hence, it is essential to have as little as possible and replace it with fiber-rich foods. Most gluten products, like bread, pasta, etc., have preservatives. It is essential to have foods with no added preservatives and clean ingredients. The more preservatives, the more harmful they will be to our digestive system and body.

●       Lack of Nutrients

Most people think going gluten-free will help you lose weight; however, it is great for improving digestion. Gluten may not be harmful to you, but it is also not beneficial. Most people like to have nutritious foods that can fuel their bodies with lots of energy.

However, gluten is not something that would provide good nutrients to your body. Foods for weight loss are often low in calories but have nutrients to give energy to your body. Gluten does not have fiber, protein, calcium, or any nutritious thing. Hence, replacing it with foods nourishing your body is best.

●       Expensive

One of the main reasons why one should eliminate gluten from their diet is because it is very expensive. There are quite a few gluten items that you will get for a much higher price than most healthy foods. The pasta and pizza you get in restaurants are much more expensive than a healthy sandwich.

Hence, it is best to invest in healthier items instead of getting gluten. There are quite a few replacements for gluten in the market that taste the same but have better ingredients. You can also get gluten-free bread, cakes, and other items in grocery stores.

Some Healthy Gluten-free Replacements

It is not easy leaving gluten, especially if it is in almost everything you love. Most people have yet to learn about great gluten replacements and miss out on some of the most nutritious foods. There are quite a few items that make a great gluten replacement. Here are some gluten replacements:

  • You can replace normal white rice with brown rice or wild rice.
  • Get gluten-free whole wheat bread from the market instead of sourdough or white bread.
  • Instead of having white tortillas, you can have buckwheat tortillas.
  • You can have quinoa if you want something filling and wholesome with curries.
  • You can order gluten-free pasta instead of white pasta in restaurants.

Final Verdict

Most people want to try a gluten-free diet because they think it’s the new trend. However, gluten is not harmful to most people, especially if they are not gluten sensitive. On the other hand, eliminating gluten from your diet can make you feel lighter and improve digestion. Eliminating it from your diet has advantages that go beyond health. There are quite a few gluten replacements that you can benefit from.