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Why Massage Guns are Trending in 2021


Pain Relief Without Drugs

Many people worldwide are suffering from the fallout of an opiate epidemic, and a lot of people are concerned about taking prescription medicines for their musculoskeletal pain, no matter how it might affect their quality of life. Massage guns are a non-invasive, drug-free way to tackle severe, chronic musculoskeletal pain from old injuries that have left behind stiff joints, sharp pains, and decreased range of motion.

The deep penetrating massage heads of a quality massage gun will allow stiff, sore tissues to loosen, and improve range of motion in less time than it takes for pain meds to start working. In fact, warming up the muscles with a massage gun will get tissues pliable and allow for injury-free exercise in record time – which is perfect for those with a busy schedule. The massage gun is a great way to stimulate body chemicals that will promote elevated mood and positive feelings.

Like Having A Portable Masseuse

Professional athletes and the wealthy have enjoyed the services of a masseuse after workouts for decades because vigorous massage of the muscle tissues decreases the amount of injury, minor or otherwise. Finding the extra money to finance even one deep tissue massage a month is not a doable thing for most modern working-class people. Chronic back pain, old injuries, neuralgia from chronic disease or nerve damage from chemotherapy, and anything chronic that causes stiffness and pain, can benefit from the increased blood flow and kneading of muscle tissue provided by a massage gun.  

For pennies on the dollar, you can replace the cost of regular massage with a high-quality massage gun, that will allow you to achieve the same goals and pain relief as a vigorous deep tissue massage, self-sufficiently and for less cost than the alternative. If your gym has access to a steam room, this is an extra bonus to your full body experience, and using a sauna will support the good effects of getting a massage.

Long Term Benefits

Along with healthful practices like eating a balanced diet, including lots of plant-based foods, as well as getting regular exercise that keeps cardiovascular health maintained, by getting regular massage, the body benefits from stimulated blood flow. By warming up and cooling down before and after exercise, fewer injuries are sustained from high impact activities like running. Additionally, weightlifters say that a proper warm-up and cool down is essential to not obtaining injuries to the muscle and connective tissues that might thwart daily exercise for weeks until the painful issue has been healed properly.

Illnesses and disorders that lead to chronic pain, such as arthritis or connective tissue problems, can be made less of an impact on daily life with regular massage by massage guns. It is not hard to fit in the time to use a massage gun once or twice a day for short sessions that will increase flexibility and decrease pain. Circulation and lymph issues are also made less problematic, with areas of edema dissipating in many cases, allowing for a better quality of life. Edema from venous stasis or another cardiovascular insufficiency may benefit from the extra stimulation, as deeply penetrating massage heads help lymph and extracellular fluids move more freely and become redistributed in the body.

Even if this stimulation of circulation cannot be directly attributed to massage, it is about what massage can more easily allow for increased vigorous daily exercise. By facilitating regular exercise that focuses on good cardiovascular health, the massage gun will help those with any number of muscular and circulatory issues, pain-related or painless, to get regular.