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Why Medical Advances Are Making Surrogacy in Ukraine More and More Viable


While surrogacy in Ukraine offers prospective parents a ton of perks – it’s the medical advances that are drawing the eyes of public and provider alike.

Since 2011, Ilaya has welcomed thousands of clients and patients per year. They offer surrogacy in Ukraine as well and numerous other advanced medical procedures and techniques. Business is booming, and they’re not the only ones reaping the benefit of these incredible advances.

Medical advances in Ukraine surrogacy programs have given more and more hopeful parents the ability to fully realize their dreams of creating a family. They’ve given providers the opportunities to have excellent access to cutting edge equipment, as well as the necessary patient load with which to hone their skills. Scientists have been able to push innovation forward in the realms of reproductive medicine. Large staff requisites mean more people get better jobs.

The inherent incentives for intending parents are making surrogacy in Ukraine the go to market. While laws and medicine make it an easy choice for prospective parents, it’s their business that drives the market to be it’s best.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: Prospective Parents

Prospective parents can enjoy low cost and surrogate friendly laws. Advances in medicine give parents even greater perks when they choose surrogacy in Ukraine. The facilities are most often state of the art, and many of the laws support the use of advanced and novel procedures.

There are no age limits for intending parents. IVF attempts are completely unlimited. Laws allow for ground breaking Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), which allows healthcare professionals to screen embryos for genetic disease and abnormality prior to implanting them. They can also reveal the gender of babies at the same time. “We are able to offer our clients some of the most inspired medicine they can receive. We firmly believe that everyone should have the best chance they can at starting a family of their own, and here, we can provide them that.” Says Ilaya spokesperson.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: Providers and Industry Professionals

Providers and innovators from all over the world come to join large companies such as Ilaya. “It allows them to help a wide variety of patients from all over the world, making their practice that much richer. The majority of our staff is multilingual.” The company’s representative says. Because of the low cost of living and science focused laws, providers have access to some of the best equipped facilities in the world. Stem cell research and the cryopreservation of genetic material are also perfectly legal and encouraged. Leading to huge innovations in early childhood healthcare and even the aging process.

With their cryopreservation program, Ilaya reports that they have many staff member scientists pushing the envelope with disease research. “Imagine being able to successfully treat debilitating diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Multiple sclerosis. Our scientists carry out extensive research on these disease processes and are able to produce some really groundbreaking results.” Ilaya’s spokesperson tells us that these research results can also help improve reproductive medicine as well.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: A Win for Everyone

In 2014 and 2015, Ukraine saw a devastating economic recession. Businesses closed, companies downsized, and citizens took a deep hit. The healthcare industry stayed strong. Ilaya, and similar companies, employ thousands of healthcare professionals each year. Providers, scientists, technicians, clerks, surrogates, janitors, and much much more. Companies like Ilaya require a large professional staff to keep them running as smoothly as they do.

Solid positions in well-kept facilities are some of the most sought after careers today.  Not only that, but with impressively equipped facilities and earnest providers, companies like Ilaya can offer their surrogates better care as well. Compassion for surrogates, at least with reputable companies that offer surrogacy in Ukraine, is an industry standard.

While several surrogacy programs in Asia got shut down due to the exploitation of poor women, Ilaya believes this will be unlikely in Ukraine. “While there are always dishonest ways of finding a surrogate, if you go through the appropriate channels, you will not exploit anyone. In Ukraine, the laws and medicine that are available to surrogate mothers are some of the best in the world. Surrogates can be paid as much as they would like for their services.

They must be less than 35 years of age and already have one natural born child. Because we like to see positive results for everyone, it’s incredibly important that our surrogates are in prime health. Many clinics also ask that potential surrogates go through extensive and thorough health checks, that assess the woman’s physical and mental health. Our goal is that once a healthy and happy child is born, everyone else walks away feeling good about their experience. Our clients, our providers, and our surrogates.”

There are many reasons that surrogacy in Ukraine continues to be a booming business, despite recessions and conflicts with nearby Russia. The low cost and overall convenience keep patients coming back, the good pay keeps surrogates available and interested, and the medical advances keep providers on the cutting edge of medical technology and procedure. It’s that win-win-win scenario that keeps business firmly intact, since 2002. So it’s no wonder that surrogacy in Ukraine continues to be a winning choice for prospective parents and providers alike.