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Why Outdoor Activities Can Make You Better At Your Job


At first glance, putting outdoor activities and work in the same sentence may seem somewhat off-putting. The two should not have anything in common, except that there is a connection you might not be aware of. If you’re a passionate outdoorsman or outdoorswoman, you might not notice the benefits your hobby has on your work.

But take such activities out of the equation, and you’ll notice a drop in productivity. Why does that happen? Learn next what makes outdoor activities so good for you in other areas of your life.

You’re a better team player

People who spend a lot of time outdoors do so in a group more often than not. Even people who prefer to be solitary like anglers still have buddies who they meet with for their fishing vacations. Now that’s where an important aspect of outdoor activities lies.

Being with a group makes you better as a team player. That’s something that’s appreciated in any work environment. Projects require a lot of human resources, and the chances are that whatever you’re working on requires the involvement of several individuals other than you.

That said, the fact that you spend the end of the week away from it all, in the company of your friends has a positive impact on your behavior at your workplace. Furthermore, you may learn to deal with different personalities when the group you’re hanging out with for your outdoor adventures is comprised of many people.

You learn how to solve problems and deal with new situations

Do you see the resemblance between spending time hiking or camping, and what you do for a living? A cursory look will tell you that one is fun, and the other is work. But both require you to face new things and challenges, and they stimulate your ability to solve problems.

Spend more time outdoors, and you will notice how that can have a positive impact on your productivity at work. The neural pathways and habits involved with one type of situation are the same for others. In other words, you create patterns that you will use, even unconsciously, in your work, as well.

You know what to do when you meet new people

Another thing that outdoor activities offer a great opportunity for is meeting new people. How many times in your work have you ever had to deal with new employees, a new boss, or new business associates? Unless you are an amiable person by nature, such situations can yield a lot of stress.

That is why going to hike with a group, where you can meet new people, can help you in your work, as well. There can be many ways to strike up a conversation with a stranger, be it that you explain to him or her what your latest monocular from Aviator can do, or you have fun recounting your latest fishing adventures.

At work, you will find yourself dealing more calmly with changes, such as a new addition to your team or the upper management. Not to mention, you will enjoy all the benefits of stress relief outdoor activities have.

You are more productive because you are more relaxed

No matter how driven you may be, stress will accumulate even without your knowledge. That means that you will need a break, at least once in a while. Consider outdoor activities instead of a vacation in a crowded place that will leave you feeling drained and even more tired than you were before.

There is a reason why many people consider outdoor trips an excellent way of recharging your batteries. That pretty much describes what happens to both your body and your mind. When you go back to work, you will find it much easier to deal with everyday tasks, and you’ll be more productive.